Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Don't Have No Title For This Shit

Simple ways to keep your man from cheating on you?  Simple ways to keep your relationship interesting? There is so much ladies can get from the topic I am about to touch I could not even title this blog.  It's sad that I do have to write this though  but it makes sense with so many young queens walking around bitter on they "Fuck Niggas" shit. #WhoHurtYou booboo?  Sometimes we have to look in the mirror at past relationships and figure out what I could have done differently. Stop focusing on how fucked up that person was and try to see your faults.  This way you can grown and work on yourself in your next situation and avoid a cycle of fruitless relationships.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Transition to Loneliness

Times have changed greatly.  You use to be able to pull "its not you its me" on someone you are dealing with and go your separate ways but recovery times on relationships can go for months, years for some.  The abuse on the mental, emotional and physical could leave a dent on one's soul.  Maybe the two parties were just not compatible relationship wise but it still may leave a mark, especially with time invested.  Good break up or bad do you think it is possible to be friends with your ex??