Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Should You Settle Your Happiness For A Relationship?

2012 is here and you’re still single. 2011 had its memorable ups and eventful downs during your pursuit for love.  So you spent New Years Eve with the fellas or with your girls, which isn't bad but you started the new year again, alone.  Night was full of laughter and jokes until that moment of clarity hit you harder than the Casey Anthony verdict. You're sipping a hard drink thinking why hasn't that right person entered my life yet? “I look good, I'm smart, working a decent career but the people I date just aren't compatible. Is there something wrong with me?” Well actually there is! Before you start off 2012 alone again you should reflect on your past and present love life to hopefully build a healthy future.  A common and major downfall of hopeless romantics is putting your heart on the back burner just to have someone.  What is the sense of settling?  Dating person after person with the potential of longevity is slimmer than Herman Cain's chance of winning the presidency. What is the benefit of spending your twenties and thirties going from one failed situation to another?  I purposely said situation because a relationship has meaning, even if that person hurts you, you are still able to walk away with something; i.e. a lesson learned of what not to do.   A relationship should provide you with a different outlook on yourself or a new approach for areas, which needed improvement.