Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When Is The Last Time You Evaluated Your P*ssy??

Ladies have failed to realize they have the pussy, the starting line for life and the earth’s truest natural resource. Have you ever heard of male stripping and prostitution is on the rise? Exactly. Pussy is the end all be all for men, plenty of men in jail today over a piece of tail they had or was pursuing.  Everything men do legal and illegally are for you ladies. Valentine's Day is here and you might be spending it at home, man bashing on Facebook and Twitter watching Lifetime movies, ALONE. Not sure why you are alone? Well maybe because you have not properly evaluated your pussy. I'm not talking about the GYN when I mention pussy evaluations by the way. A pussy evaluation rates the worth of your box. Not sure what this evaluation entails? No worries I got you.