Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old, In with the 2011

Another year is behind us, welcome 2011.  We look at New Years as a fresh start to fix some bad shit they have been doing for years, like smoking, bad diets or being a hoe.  Good luck with what ever you are giving up for 2011 but I'm being realistic you will probably fail because if you didn't stop the past 5 years you will not stop tomorrow.  I am here today though to list some of the stupidest shit we witnessed, some actually been apart of for 2010 and we simply must leave it there.

Lace Fronts

Yeah we had out share of lace fronts from celebs and local hood rats.  Before you open your mouth your appearance exemplifies what you think about yourself.  Lace fronts are as cheap as $50 to a couple of hundred dollars, but we can agree that the majority of them looks bad, so if you couldn't keep a man in 2010 answer might be on your head not right in front of your nose.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The TRUTH About Christmas

For all my last minute shoppers...

Shoutout to my bro @feltonamus

Friday, October 15, 2010

Circle of Hate

History has always showed us how being "different" can cause pain and death. Just look at the Europeans, whose barbaric ways killed off the Indians, oops I mean Native Americans, thank you Columbus for the wrong terminology. Another example, is the African Slave trade which led to the present and ongoing feud between the black and white races. Throughout American history there has been several movements and reform for different minority groups to ensure we can achieve the American Dream equally. In more recent times a focal point of society has been the LGBT community. I have to give it up to those apart of that community, they have been through various struggles and have achieved great strives in such a short period of time but does the victim card help or hurt minorities groups? As a black man I personally know how the victim card can instill hatred instead of empathy into others. Since my youth, I have seen plenty of individuals flourish into their sexuality, men losing their bass in their voice, women trading in push up bras for sports bras and fitteds, etc. For the most part it is pushed into our lives via the media, the news and TV shows, Will and Grace, Real World, the LOGO network are a few examples but the list goes on. The community also began to take strives by getting laws passed to eliminate discrimination and some states have allowed same sex marriages. There has been many accomplishments but just like most civil rights movements in this country they have a long way to go. It use to appear weird seeing a same sex couple walking the street holding hands, at one point they were afraid to even do so but times have changed greatly. It has yet to be proven but those from the LGBT community say they are born that way and there is still a great wall of courage one has to leap to be open about their sexuality.

Recently at Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi committed suicide after being secretly taped kissing a man. His fellow peers who wanted to play prank on their roommate but from the vast media sources who have covered this, I’ve read they did not know about his sexual orientation so the footage recorded was a surprise even to them. Personally, I wouldn't have went through with it once I saw he was gay, given America’s rep for so openly embracing the LGBT community, I knew it wouldn't be pretty if made public. To recap, they post the video, the kid is so embarrassed he decides to take his own life. Prank gone wrong. But now the term "bias" and "hate crime" are placed into the mix from the media outlets. They are investigating if the two students involved Clementi’s roommate Dharun Ravi and his friend Molly Wet are anti-gay individuals so they can prosecute them harder, but why? Few things you should ask yourself after reading the garbage the news outlets post:

1. Would they have posted the video regardless of the action during his time alone in the room?
No matter the content of the video they would have followed through with the prank, Clementi could have been dancing covered in peanut butter; the video was going to hit the web regardless. Would it still be a hate crime?

2. Has any other factors been put into the mix of why he committed suicide?
This isn’t the first time a college student killed himself. College life is stressful and then you add 15 credits, a part maybe even full time job - the video could have just been the straw that broke the camel’s back.There could be plenty of outside reasons why he had to hide his sexuality and therefore adding to his stress levels: general acceptance, family and friends. So
America feels the best solution is destroying two more lives? What will be accomplished long term from this?

At one point in American history we use to slander those from the LGBT community for being different. Now the media embraces them so if you talk bad about them, first amendment deez nuts. Better not get in an altercation, intentional or not with a homosexual it’s now a hate crime. Disagreements is apart of life, some minuscule and non violent like between two boys in a schoolyard, while others can be long and deadly like the War in
Iraq. Its easy to draw the conclusion that people do disagree on a wide array of reasons. So why do we label things as hate/bias crimes and prosecute harder just because a person was of another race, sexual orientation religion etc. even if that didn’t initiate the altercation. Situations like this suicide at Rutgers only increase friction and drives separation between humans because of the way it has been labeled and handled. Race, religion and sexual orientation are factors that only separate our culture, beliefs or who we sleep with at night but we are all still human, breathe the same air, bleed the same blood. I may not personally agree with Clementi’s lifestyle but I respect life. I refuse to fall into the traps America plants to keep us more and more apart. America discriminates, judges, persecutes, prosecutes and jails people unlawfully, thank you Patriot Act, but they are ready to destroy two more lives in a country where Clementi sexuality is not respected nationally in the law books. Look at all the back and forth our country has had over the years just for homosexuals who want to serve in the armed services. Shouldn't our country take responsibility for Clementi feeling out of place?

Society burns bridges before they are even built. Why do you think racism is still alive, why you watch the every movement of an Arab who boards the train, or your skin crawls when an openly gay man crosses you on the street?. Our great land which accommodated racism with Jim Crow laws later overturned it telling Americans don't be racist anymore. Homosexuals use to have to hide their sexuality until America unlocked the door to the "closet.” Now, all those gay bashers must have open arms and respect Adam and Steve holding hands because America said so. We can not become united under these conditions. Animosity is only present between different races, religions, creeds etc. Do you think the families of these Rutgers students who are being prosecuted will ever attend a gay rally? They will now have hatred in their hearts toward the gay community because the media has promoted their children as gay bashers. Stupid and immature, yes, they invaded privacy and exposed Clementi but is that enough to make an interesting headline? Bully, hate, bias are the words used to describe this crime, this is how we are dug deeper into the hole of hate. Any tweets, Facebook statues from the suspects Dharum Ravi and Molly Wei can now be twisted in the court room to turn them into gay bashers. If they were not bias towards homosexuals prior to this incident, trust me they will be if they throw the book at them. This hate has a domino affect onto their families, friends and the ignorant gay bashers of America. I recently saw via Twitter. We have bigger fish to fry compared to these two students. The masterminds behind sites like these probably have a lot to say regarding Clementi.

Hopefully Ravi and Wei are punished properly for the crimes they have committed and not turned into puppets of hate for America's liking. I am writing because I want you to take this tragedy as a time to reflect. Are you a puppet of hate? You may have built up prejudices against a group or class of people because the only time you see them is in a negative aspect. Embrace, interact and learn about what you don't understand. If you only get your information from Big Brother stop because he only cares about himself, he is stronger with us separated as compared to us actually being the United States of America. I leave you with a bar from Nas from "Hate Me Now,” it helped me look at myself and our nation in a new light, if you are or someone you know hold a grudge against others hopefully you can see the light also. Kill hate, not humans.

"Niggas fear what they don't understand, hate what they can't conquer, guess it's just the theory on man"

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Green Eyed Monster

I don't understand you
Yet I proclaim my love for you
Barely even had you
But I'm always chasing you
The little time we have
Brief sweet pleasures like a one night stand
I doubt I can ever get enough of you
Because with you anything is possible
I love you so much
But I will lend you to friends
I don't care family or not
If you are not returned
That relationship will end
You dress me up nice
Wrist covered in ice
Tinted windows, seat back, bad bitch to my right
She is #2 because you are the most beautiful
I love you money
No denying what I would do for you
Because you make me the man I am
Whether I want the latest edition text book
Or the retro Jordan released last week
Its a shame I'm a slave to you
Good pussy doesn't even make me this weak
No no Fuck you money
You try to fool me with all your shape
The curves of my credit card
Or the smooth loan documents for a luxury V
Because they don't teach me
About the monster and I'm not talking HIV
Interest comes along
Killing my FICO
I'm suppose to attend universities
To pursue careers barely a jump from minimum wage
Now I'm dodging calls from your friends Sallie and Frannie
But I learned you tricks
I'm telling all about your ways
I refuse to be your slave
Fuck you money

Five Areas of Investment in a Relationship: Part One

Check out this piece from my homey Mister B. He has a lot of positive and deep blogs you should check out on Here is part one of a series he started where he discusses the elements needed to have a fulfilling and rich relationship with your partner.

When I told people I was writing this blog post a lot of interest was received on this topic. Many have voiced to me that it is really hard to choose if they should take the next step with people they are dating. There are people who date and date with no idea if this is someone they want to develop a relationship with. Then there are those who invest in relationships without doing their due diligence in getting to know their partner. A lot of people neglect certain factors that they dislike about a person, but many times choose to overlook these things in search of love and companionship. Not fully getting to know one another individually always leads to premature relationships and marriages which cause more damage to your well-being than good.

In this post I attempt to give a reference point or guide of measurement for those before they enter in the investment of a long-term relationship or potential marriage. The science of love is a mystery and cannot always be explained, but there shouldn’t be any confusion with love or like. You can’t make key life decisions off the basis of pure emotion alone. First things first, before you enter into any relationship you should have a sufficient love of self. I will go into detail more about love of self in a future blog, but just know you cannot properly invest in a long-term relationship or marriage without it.

So now I will speak about the 5 domains of self-wellness that long-term relationships and marriages directly affect. The first domain I will speak about is in the area of Spirituality. A quote I love to cite is ‎”Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”-Aristotle. I love this because people do not realize that when you consummate a relationship you and another person are co-creating another soul. This is the soul of love or the lack therefore of. You cannot create love if the soul of one of the individuals’ soul is empty on this matter. Someone who truly loves another human being will show love with impeccable word. Words of kindness, appreciation, and joy will feed the spirit of both individuals the majority of the time. Fewer times of conflict and stress is what is needed to maintain spiritual wellness. Words of affirmation feed the mind, body, and soul, while words of anger and hostility damage the mind, body, and soul. So for a lasting love this area of your relationship must be healthy.

The next domain I will look at is the area of Mental Wellness. Sometimes mentally scarring in a bad relationship can permanently damage individuals for a lifetime dealing with the opposite sex. Some people are mentally fragile in this world and bad relationships can lead to a downfall of mental health such as illness, addiction, and self-abuse. For those who it doesn’t affect as deeply unhealthy relationships affecting your mental may surface in the form of self-rejection. This state of mind affects the self-esteem and confidence of an individual invested in an unhealthy relationship. The underestimation of self in situations become commonplace mentally for many during this time. This can transfer not just in your relationship, but in all facets of life. Also, during an unhealthy relationship other core elements of mental wellness maybe affected like lack of good nutrition, exercise, lack of sleep, and increased stress. Also a change in attitude will be noted as well by loved ones. If your optimistic attitude on life is stilted it maybe time to pull out of your investment in this relationship or marriage.

My third domain I will address is in the area of Emotional Wellness. This area is a sibling of Mental Wellness as they are intertwined. Women are generally affected more than men emotionally in a bad relationship. Before you invest emotionally in a relationship there must be mutual commitment, trust, and respect. For a lasting love their must constant reflection on how you two treat one another. Couples that are open to change and respond to each other’s emotional needs last longer than who are not as adaptable to change. Also, a base of unconditional love and respect must be developing between a couple. Generally women’s emotions respond best to unconditional love by her man. Just as man who lacks a woman’s nurturing loving nature responds best to unconditional respect from his lady. Having a healthy relationship with your mate will help you keep your emotions more positive and optimistic. Other relationships will benefit and your love of self will be higher. Therefore, keeping your emotional and mental state stable and positive is always best.

I hope you enjoy this blog post and feel free to comment or email me at if you have any questions.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cunnilingus, healthy to a mans diet?

Fronting is a part of dating no matter what your age, sexual orientation, etc is. In pursuit of impressing an individual long or short term we usually have some sort of front; a disguise of ourselves. As men we deal with plenty of fronts; weaves, makeup, ass implants etc. Men have their fair share of fronts also but there is one front some men will take their grave: admitting to eating pussy.

There are many unspoken rules of the black man, things I never discussed with my homeboys but we all agree on without question. Such as keeping firm eye contact in a locker room, wandering eyes are subject to plenty of violence. Rarely a convo can go by with one of your homeboys without pussy being the topic at one point; its like George Bush caring about black people, it’s that rare. But rules were made to be broken and I think it time for us, black fellas, to admit that we eat pussy. This is more of a regional analysis because anytime I’m out of town and hear a southern dude attempt to bag a lady he just says what he would do to her and majority of the time it included some variation of her sitting on his face. I don't know if it just because their swag is harder to find than Kat Stacks walls or they really like doing it but southern dudes proudly announce they give head.

Enough about the South let's get back on track. This is a very sensitive topic, friends, pussy eating is something a black man may only discuss with his immediate circle. A black man would most likely embarrass his homeboy for owing him $20 instead of blasting him about that cross-eyed chick he went down on after the club last week (blame it on the goose). But what are we ashamed of, my brothers? Spanish dudes have no shame in their game; they gladly broadcast their love to go down on a woman. I won't go into the first time I actually performed the act myself, I mean, I didn't know any better at the time. I was just doing stuff I saw on my porn vhs's (damn, I feel old saying that), but over the years as I matured, I now know the benefit of skillfully using my tongue in the bedroom. Any male peer of mine I ever engaged in a conversation on sex never frowned upon getting head. Some prefer vaginal sex to reach orgasm but I guess they never encountered a lady whose jaws work magic. The sexuality of our black counterparts are higher than ever. Black women are quick to talk shit about us men but I never hear about black men complaining about not receiving sloppy, wet, toe curling sex from them. They are doing their part religiously. Kudos, to the ladies because they have no shame in their game, I can not remember the last time I heard a dude say he got hit with the "I don't give head" line. So now at twenty-something going on thirty black men are still going to play dumb when it comes to giving "special attention" to the ladies? Truthfully. some of you brothers need to step your head game up because there are still too many ladies still complaining in 2010 about the lack of motion in their oceans. Next time "My Neck, My Back" comes on in the club, you better make your way to the dance floor and dance with a female with pride because the fronting has to stop.

Lets jump back to the middle of this blog for a little bit, the part about Southern men proudly announcing their love dive head first into the ebony nest. There is no reason that pum pum munching brothers advertise their fetish to the masses. Unfortunately in 2010 the social networks have moved from your networking needs to free dating services. So some have found this as an outlet to write updates like this:

RT @TheKillaStory: I kno I eat pussy idc!

RT @WOWkoww:I only eat pussy on weekdays.

RT @mr_Ritefornow:eat pussy or die

RT @Feed_Me_Pussy:LADIES, WE NEED 2 VOLUNTEERS 4 A PUSSYEATN CONTEST. LMAO! RT @PleasureBoii: @Feed_Me_Pussy I just wanted to say I eat it better loll

What did you fellas do before Facebook, Twitter etc? You did not walk around with “I Eat Vag” tatted on your arm. There is no reason to try to use it as an advantage on the gentlemen with decency. I don’t understand how woman are attracted to you overzealous munchers anyway because plenty of people don’t practice have good hygiene methods. So why would you go around putting a bunch of random pussies in your mouth?

It just a dirty move on your part if you still use the “If I eat it I’ll beat it" swindle as an adult. If you don’t have any personality or “swag” (I hate that word) best if you move down south. But enough on you guys lets get back to the topic at hand.

As a man you may be sitting here thinking your game is tight and you attract women without eating the box but trust me there are plenty of brothers, as aforementioned out there eating the box like its going out of style. There will be a night when your girl tells you she is hitting the club with her peoples when she actually may be riding the face of one of these brothers. Lady friends have told me and proven via text messages/emails about dudes who are willing to perform fellatio on them with no strings attached, sometimes they even fall for the Eat and Beat swindle. So get down or get left playa!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A vow to my friends...

On July 14th 2010 I lost my good friend Stephen "Scrooge" Botas. Not the 1st time I lost a friend but this really hit me hard because he was still so young and just a great down to earth person. No I am not wishing death on all the evil people out there but situations like this make you cherish your life even more, every morning when we rise. Many mornings that we actually take for granted. But this is just a little something I wrote on the steps of some random church on 5th ave when I received news of his passing...

One day I will be no more
No surprise with life comes death
No regrets
Living life to the fullest
Some would say I'm young
but I've seen enough
Family and friends in abundance
Some present, some I've lost
I can't ask for much
Selfish never
my love is available at the drop of a dime
But have I taken the time
To announce this love or did I wait until the flat line?
Better late than never
They say
But I prefer sharing sweet memories before your eulogy
If you are reading this its because I care and this is my vow to you
No matter the hour, no matter the place just know
My heart is with you
Call me
curse me
cry with me
Any longitude and latitude
Just not when I'm 6 feet deep
I refuse to lose you
Without letting it be known
I appreciate you in my life and I cherish you

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't you hate when it appears a week is moving slower than the U.S. government giving Black people reparations? I had one of those weeks this past month. I will never forget the week of June 13, 2010; my great-grandmother birthday was that week, hitting 88 years strong. It was also a moment of history in hip-hop history with Drake dropping his first major label album. I guess, in an effort to build on the Sear’s Tower buzz around his album, Drake is added to a free concert at the South Street Seaport in NYC the same day it dropped on June 15th. Plenty of you reading this already know what occurred on that day and have seen me on the infamous or local news channel and are probably wondering why the Shotta Blogger was in a shoving match with the police. Well, when I first heard about the concert I thought:

Free + Niggas = Comedy

So of course I felt I should attend., I love to observe niggadom;, live and in color (no pun). So, I get off the train and fight through every Rugby rocking, Uggs rocking teenager in New York City it appears. I’m thinking the NYPD which isn’t that dumb, would have had some sort of structure and manpower for a free concert with Drake, especially given his popularity. But I assumed wrong because I saw more Ciroc and Goose bottles than police or security at the Seaport. I watched people, the majority being our youth, climb and stand on awnings, smoke blunts like Virginia Slims and even sell Nutcrackers out of their baby carriage. I bet if I walked around I would have probably found someone selling loose'sies of Newport and dime bags. I mean, I am not perfect but just from observation most of the kids in attendance needed to go on Maury and have that drill sergeant scream some sense into them. By now plenty of you seen footage from the event and trust me it was 10 times worse live. Being I have such great luck, I happen to be in the same area where the young lady was throwing chairs off the balcony. So, of course New York’s “Finest” makes their way to the area where the the fiasco is taking place. Most of the guilty parties depart into the massive crowd, so now it’s only my friend Daryl and me with a couple police officers. I don't know if it’s my beard or my gut but NYPD have been showing me a lot of "love" the whole summer. So, lady officer approaches and says to vacate the premises and before I could even answer she puts her hands on me. I mean, since I was in kindergarten I was told not to put my hands on someone else. As far as I know police can not touch me without probable cause, and I think every Black man qualifies to be a criminal lawyer; its in our DNA, we know the law. So after she pushes me, I ask her for her badge number and , this I guess this scares her. This situation was a free pass to “When keeping it real goes wrong” © Dave Chapelle, which would of have lead to my arrest. Some of her fellow officers join in the shoving match while I try to compile the multiple badge numbers in my head. The more I asked for their badge numbers the more they pushed me. I guess, the stereotype of doughnuts is true with cops because even with 4 officers, they could barely get me down the stairs so eventually they pulled out the cuffs and then I became Casper. Now, at the bottom of the stairs, blood boiling as hot as the Devil's belly button I waited a few minutes. I was waiting for the officers to come down from the 2nd level where the altercation occurred. I grew impatient after a few minutes so I went back up the stairs of doom in hopes to get a view of the pigs who assaulted me to record their badge numbers. Before I could reach the top another office told me I couldn't come up here and as I tried to plea that I only wanted a badge number and I would vacate right after that but it was like talking to Helen Keller. Again, with force I was sent down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs I sought assistance from the other officers but they all answered with "I don't know" and Kanye shrug's. It was at this moment I realized what a the gang our NYPD really is.

How could they refuse me assistance just because there it was an issue with one of their fellow officers?

Why was I seen as a threat instead of reprimanding individuals who caused the actual ruckus?

Where are your the priorities, NY's finest?

So a few weeks ago I filed a complaint with the information I was able to gather during the whole scuffle with the city. The investigators made sure to tell me out of all the complaints filed, only 10% are actually found in favor ofn the civilian. I have a better chance of having protected sex with an AIDS patient compared to having a NYPD officer disciplined for touching and pushing me unlawfully. We will see how this all plays out...

“There is a war going on outside, no man is safe from”

It’s already a hassle to walk the streets of NY because a fool may want to pull out a gun for scuffing his sneakers, but those employed “To Protect and Serve” are more concerned with themselves compared to civilians. I would like to dedicate this blog to the families of Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant and all black men across the country assaulted or murdered unlawfully by law enforcement. If a riot started in the names of the aforementioned victims against police brutality I would gladly make the news for standing up against these pigs.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day in the hood

The black father has been spotted with the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Hopefully you can have more luck finding them compared to George Bush. Father's Day is usually just another day for millions of other people across the nation but my childhood was blessed with a loving Uncle and Grandfather and in more recent years I have been associated with friends who are actual FATHER'S and not daddies. Their efforts give me that stroke of courage that we as a people are doing better. I let them know also how I am proud of them, I feel our black fathers need that encouragement because it is so easy for them to stray and it’s expected in this society. Black fathers in the hood are usually a welfare or child support check so please on this Father's Day a simple text, hug anything to that man who is involved with your child's life. Ok Ok its Father's day, a day for men so none of that mushy shit anymore lets get down to business. My friend Q Double over at went around this week and asked his friends a simple question:

What does it mean to be a father? Give your realest answer, experiences whatever. Even if he wasn't around or you are just a bird who collects a check. Even if you not a pops, yall know what I mean.

Well not that simple because it is such a touchy subject in the hood but Q Double has put together a collage of answers from his friends and colleagues. Some funny, some sad, some different and plenty you can relate to. For more by Q Double check him out on

I got an email the other day from a fan of the site. My first thought: "DAMN we got a fan, hope it ain't the po-lease." Upon skimming through the "shit," "muhfucka," "that bitch ain't shit," "fuck-a-cuddle," and "yo wassup with Snugg she single," this person asked what are my thoughts aboutFahvazs Day.”

Now I can say that this day is overlooked because the big companies are run by momma’s boys who don’t even know how to be fathers themselves.

There’s plenty of real fathers out there. They just get the “F-ck You” treatment because the courts are used to helping the female instead of the male (FUCK CHILD SUPPORT!!!!).

But why just have that, when I can have the thoughts from fellow readers. Share their feelings and experiences, and have it all coming together to create the realest, and truest, Fahvaz Day from peoples who live it and go through it every day.

Cause here at I.S., we don't just write the plain ass facts, if we did than we'll be just some
respectable negroes.

Prepare to laugh, cry, doze off, nod in agreement, yell, smack your daddy because he did that to you, hug your daddy because he did that to you, reminisce, or just smile for the next couple of minutes.

And remember to wish the REAL FATHERS a Happy Fahvaz Day.

Definition of a Father:

"A man that is there to guide you from not making a mistake and point you in the right direction. Hold you down no matter what and love you unconditionally." -Gypsy

"In its simplest definition, I'd say a sperm donor. As in: 'In the case of Quantanesha... You ARE the father.'" – Snugg McNugg

"Guidance and support. I damn sure ain't no pappy. Maury cleared me already." -B. Tate

-Scribes Note: FUCK MAURY and the all the ignorant people who want to be on the show.

"Being a dad is patience, sacrifice, and fearlessness: Patience is plainly what it sounds like.....and lots and lots of it." -Q. Busy

"A father is supposed to be a leader, an advisor, a teacher, a counselor, and your number one fan. My dad and I weren't close when I was younger. It wasn't till recently when we almost had a brawl that we realized how much a like we were. I had to tell him how much I needed his support not just financially but emotionally. Now he is always there to listen and his advice is the greatest. I am grateful to have him cause three years ago he might not have been here." -J. Moore

"Guidance and he is supposed to show u how to be a man…well for a son that is. I don't want fathers raising women to be dikes." -Shotta Dru

You wasn’t there, didn’t make me no never mind:

"Honestly, my uncle was a true dad to me: picking me up from school, spoiling me, disciplining me, and all that. He supports my mother, his sister, through everything. A real father is there through the good, the bad, the ugly, and in between. You can honestly feel their love and understand it. Guidance, Love, and Support. You may not see it but you know they got you no matter what.” –Chrissy

"My godfather is my father. He is hip and cool and we have the same b-day. I forgave my father for being a jerk." -Gypsy

"My father was barely there when I was growing up. Enough said. Not like he is helping me now or when I was younger. Still turned out to be a fine young man without him. So fuck him." –Q. Holliday

"But there is mad shit I had to learn from observation. Even how I deal with chicks, I learned on my own. Cause all my mom could teach me was ‘use condoms’ and ‘I ain’t raising no grandkids. My grandfather was my father. That’s why I never got over his death.” –Shotta Dru

I beat my kid’s ass. SO WHAT!!!! They my kids:

"I don't think experience is all that counts cuz u have young dads like myself. I think it's whether or not you choose to make the sacrifices necessary to see your children grow to be better off in life. I will say I'm a father and hope my daughter is raised with the right morals instilled in her to make her a better and stronger "woman." So for now, I'm Dad because I will make mistakes, but it takes a father to understand. Ya dig!!!" -D. DeLeon

"As a father, nothing makes you happier that watching your kids laugh, but many choose to live for themselves and never experience that." –G.

Sacrifice: Meaning, sometimes--most of the time--giving up the material things (and time to do them) to ensure that they have the finest things that my wife and I can provide for them. If that means that I’m going to continue wearing these tired ass jeans and polo sneakers a lil’ while longer so that they can look correct, so be it.” –Q. Busy

Baby Mommas, Daddies, & Deadbeats:

"Me personally, I never understood the deadbeat dad shit, I LOVE watching my kids!!! They are comedy in motion." -W. Jasper

"Fuck that father shit. Can't bust in these bitches these days. They looking' for a come up to trap a nigga. So I'm just going to stack this bread and fuck these hoes. Til' the day I'm a father, that's all I'm 'bout." –L. Smith

This might offend some people, but fuck it. There are some trifling ass women out here who can't fathom what a good man and father is. So they cut him loose and do what's easy: Get that man for motherfuckin' child support. These bitches thinking their winning too." –T. Lewis

"I refuse to be a baby's daddy. Who invented that shit?"
-Scribes Note: Women did. It has been documented and recorded throughout the 70s til now. Now that phrase is the norm now. If you think I’m lying, then you must be one of those women.

“I think child support is misused by the courts and SOME of the people that receive it. You have conniving women who feel that a child support check is a real check and choose not to work. So they start to spend the child’s money for their own needs and wants. On the same token, there are daddies out there who use that child support check as the excuse for raising their child. All-in-all: Those checks are fucking up the parental system in some way, using it as a means for raising kids. It needs to be re-worked and fixed in a way where it’s not being misused and the REAL parents don’t have to pay out, not even know if the child is receiving it. *fin*” –Q Double

Speaking about baby daddies, somebody has something to say…:

"It means a lot to be a father, doesn't mean shit to be a daddy though. I hate the term 'baby daddy,' that's not me. Daddy is one who is around, a father is the one who brings you up and teaches you right from wrong. The one who educates, not buys his kid a pair of Jordan’s every once in a while or a new PS3 game...I'm my child’s father and not a bitches 'baby daddy.' I don't know too many people who do what I do, and that's to be a single father. Shit is the toughest task I have ever taken on. It's important for a child to have both parents. It's hard for a man to try to care and show that soft side like a woman does for a child. Fathers show love, fathers deserve a Fathers Day, cuz I know I do. I had a FATHER growin' up, no DADDY, and I will make sure mine has the same. Niggas don't understand they "emotionally fuck" up their children from the get, trying be a baby daddy. It's sad to say, but I have seen it with both of my nieces, they just had daddies. Shit is lame." -C. Wright

"I wanted to walk just like you/ wanted to talk just like you"
-Jay-Z "Soon You'll Understand:"

"A real father knows that his kids are looking at everything their doing. From how you put your socks on to the way you drink. It’s all recorded." -The Homeboy Southside Queens.

"My lil' boy was sitting on the couch watching cartoons, right. I'm just looking at him through the corner of my eye. Just looking. Then he turns and says 'you got a problem Dad, I'm trying watch my shows.' Yeah, I knew was a father at that moment." -D. Harrington

"Picture a kid's world. They're either happy (laughing) or sad (crying). Link that to a parent. Parents ALWAYS know how their kids are feeling." –G.

“Fearlessness, because an effective ever-present father is the #1 man/male in his children's lives. He should be a symbol of righteousness and manhood, standing for what he feels is right at all times. Fearlessness: also meaning never being AFRAID to enforce his unpopular rule and be an adequate guardian and role model, rather than being the child's friend.” –Q. Busy

"Black children, just children in general, need fathers not daddies, ya dig! So shout out to all the real fathers, and off with this 'baby daddy' shit. We need to start a new trend: be a father, feel me, and fuck a 'baby daddy.' Middle fingers up to them niggas and a BIG PAT on the back to niggas like me...FATHERS!” –C. Wright

Shotta Sidenote:

My friend Lonnie sent another cliche BBM blast about Father's Day. I joked and called him Oprah but this shit needs to be on a billboard somewhere. Love the promotion of positivity. Here goes the random rant from my friend Lonnie/@inkrediblenyc

Random thoughts/rants:

A Father can never replace a Mother. A Mother can never replace a Father. We should all be able to appreciate one without having to bring down the other.

Applaud and uplift the ones who do it alone without stepping on the backs of those that are absent to raise them up.

To those that haven't become parents yet, be aware of the face that EVERYONE you lay down with could very well be the mother/father of your child, and the onus is on both of you to do the best job you can.

Choose your parents wisely and lose the negativity.

Happy Father's Day

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sleepless nights
Non productive mornings
All surrounded by thoughts of you
Twenty some off years lost
Not realizing my path ended with you
Any moment apart seems like a dent in my soul
Every time you say I love you
comforting like a blanket to a homeless man in the cold
Never thought it would come
No longer my girl
vows now made you my wife
The fuel to my fire
If I'm wrong you set me right
Back to a wall in a dark alley
You are my light
Only path I follow is the one to your heart
But right now I'm watching the game
Move from in front the TV and HUSH YOUR MOUTH

No Longer a Mystery

Men do not understand women and women do not understand men. No matter how many books you read, how many magazine surveys you take or gossip you gather in the barbershop or salon, the complexity of the two species can’t be solved. Only thing we can do is obtain knowledge from our OWN experiences, learn from our mistakes and live a positive life toward our goals and dreams. It doesn't hurt getting a nut or two while we bumble along on this bumpy road towards success. I mean, conference calls, overtime at the office and train delays deserve some sort of award, I believe. The bedroom is one of the most mystical and mysterious situations where the battle of the sexes collide. Over the years old partners and female friends have been searching for an answer on one subject about us males, not for their benefit but to help them help us. "What makes pussy good?" No, this is not the same as my previous post "You Don't Really Have Good Pussy.” I touched upon a lot of the external factors, which brought "value" to the sweetness between a ladies legs. But many want to understand the physical portion, why after just a few strokes your lover has rolled over and is now sucking his thumb while you’re laying there more upset than white people during the OJ verdict.

Basically ladies, pussy is pussy. Physically, just like men, the actual vag has different attributes. Some clits are big, some are small, some ladies walk around always moist, for some it takes a little more influence to get the juices flowing but to men, its all the same shit. A man can make anything "feel" good if he puts his mind to it. If you blindfold a Nazi and have him sleep with an African woman I bet he will get a nut. Just like women, a huge percentage of our orgasm derives from our mental. Just think of masturbation for men compared to women, the arrays of devices women can choose from compared to a man, all we need is a little lotion and a magazine to make our magic happen. So what makes your pussy different from your home girl and how do you determine whose is better? Ladies, have failed to realize our similarities and how emotion, affection and feelings play a factor for a man in the bedroom. We have seen great comedians such as Eddie Murphy do stand up about cheating and recite this famous line "I just fuck those other girls, but I make love to you." Regardless, how funny and ridiculous that sounds, it’s true! You may think back now at "fuck buddy" situations, 12pm or 12am no matter the hour he wanted you but he just wanted your body, not YOU as a person. That doesn't mean the actual vag was good but a man loves no attachment, requirements pussy. You might not be able to ride it like his main chick but to him variation is better. How do you think the term "Ain't no pussy better than new pussy" was derived? The feeling of new pussy is like that first bike ride without training wheels. You broke another barrier in life and during that ride down your block you are on top of the world or on top of someone’s daughter.

So folks there it is, Pussy is pussy. There’s little you ladies can do to alter your vag to make it more enjoyable (this does not mean don't shave or do your kegals) same way a man cannot alter his penis size. Many have confused a man lusting after your pussy as good pussy and that is not the case. The determining factor is the man feelings toward you. Domestic abilities along with things like road head, sex in spontaneous places, hand jobs on the dollar van etc. are ways to bring up your pussy value. A fuck buddy and a girlfriend are also BIG factors. A man lusts for pussy once he hits puberty but you want a man to love YOU. The benefits will be displayed when he enters your love nest. Remember your feelings may be on a different level from your partner and you might do things to please him, such as give him your body. Just because he hits it right don’t assume it’s because you have good pussy. A physical connection holds no weight on a mental connection. Compare encounters you had with someone you actually got to know compared to situations where it jumped right into the physical. New pussy is priority but free (no work required) pussy is rarely passed up. So do not equate a man running you down to get in your draws again as your vag being good. You are just more convenient than the girl he bagged at the club last night, might take a date or two before they are playing "Just the tip,” then he will be #ontothenextone. Hopefully, ladies the gap between men and women has been bridged somewhat after reading this. Just remember it’s highly unlikely you can alter the feeling, wetness, looseness of your vag but if you learn to mentally fuck a man first before getting in the bed your pussy is good.

Unlike my other blogs the ideas and content had a great contribution from my two homeboys. Catch more of their mental on twitter @GreedyVegan and @LilFridaaayyy.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't be Afraid to Dream

I think because I dream
A single thought is all it takes
to initiate change
Share your thoughts
How do u think the civil rights movement came about
When will there be another Harlem Renaissance?
When we don't think anymore
We dream only of big whips and big chains
How are you helping the youth?
When we only profess love for German cars and clothes with Italian names
Take in this laxative
I'm not washing out colons I'm cleansing for your brain
Stop looking for answers on your Hot nine seven
And open a book
Freedom of speech stills exists
140 character limit is just a mental penitentiary
Always think big
Your mother may not agree
But you will appreciate your paycheck more when you follow your dreams
You father says there is no room for growth in that field
Success isn't only about money
Plenty of wealthy people walking around UN-happy
Carry on your family name with pride
Don't let anyone carry it on for you
Dreams start small
and end with movements
How will you know your role?
If you never let that dream manifest

Monday, April 5, 2010

You Don't Really Have Good P*ssy

I never understood why Young Money wanted "to fuck every girl in the world.” Nothing is worse for a man or women to get naked, lick, suck, pump, sit on etc., for a half-ass nut and in some cases no nut at all. As a woman, you have the pussy so indeed you have the power. But power does come in levels, “all Pussy was not created equal,” I mean Hitler and Saddam were two bad mo-fo's but was their power on the same level? Now, ladies, I know you’re thinking, "I got that Hitler vag. I have dudes wrapped around my finger" but I hate to break it to you, your vag is just as powerful as the Queen of England. No, I am not contradicting previous blogs like "Power of the People,” ladies, the power of our land is held between your legs but not everyone can be a boss. Plenty of you have peasant vag but act like your shit don’t stink. Whose fault is that you’re asking? Why are lame, good for nothing bird chicks walking around telling dudes they got the bomb ass pussy? Same pussy that has been ran through more than the boroughs during the New York Marathon. It doesn't add up, right? Well, it's us, MEN who have put "the pussy on a pedestal.”

There is a surplus of vag scurrying the streets of NYC. I doubt a man could not find his preference in a big city like this one. Economics have taught us that "wants" are unlimited and the same theory applies to vagina. Rarely, have I found myself or any male friend not horny and in need of the comfort of some vagina. Men, being we are stupid and greedy pursue all types of vagina. Over the years with my maturity and experience my cock has started to live by term "Quality not Quantity.” Men and women have seen a very shapely female but even though she was blessed during puberty her genes in the looks department are obviously flawed. Women, being evil creatures, will be quick to say, “Oh the “bitch is ugly” but I bet if you asked a group of guys 75% of them would answer, "Yeah she ugly but I’ll still hit it.” Any man reading this may think I'm OD’ing on these numbers but would you sleep with Buffy the Body? I rest my case.

Vagina does not have a face to (some) men; we don’t need any real reasoning to sleep with a woman. As a result of men settling where they stick their dick, this has affected the quality of vag. Now we have But-her-head, rocking Uggs to the club, multiple baby daddies at 23-years-old women walking around being stush. Women always ask what makes good pussy and I could never answer it before because I was still "young nigga-minded." Depending on where in life a man is, good pussy is different. For a boy, good pussy equates getting head, throws it back during back shots and doesn't talk after you nut (preferably she goes home after you nut so you can finish that game of Madden). But as you age and (hopefully) mature, I do know a lot of 25 plus year-old boys, they grow in age but mentality is stagnant at 16, note to you gentlemen good pussy evolves. Good pussy is goal-oriented, has domestic capabilities and you are able to introduce her to momma. Unfortunately, in the past I have not treated my dick with the utmost respect. Instead of sexing just to fulfill a physical need men need to ask themselves this question while unwrapping that condom wrapper (hopefully you not living a Lil' Wayne lifestyle). "Would I take this chick home to my mother?” With that in mind, I guarantee your amount of sex partners has been cut into at least half. I know plenty of guys who don't even want their baby mother raising the kid they had together. I am a firm believer in the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” my cup of tea in a women is completely different from you but that settling for a nut has to stop. We always joke in person and on Twitter about chicks looking slummy on the streets or on If these chicks knew they were a laughing stock do you think they would be walking around like this? Obviously some thirsty, impatient, low self-esteem dudes are sexing these chicks. Once we start to obtain more respect for our dicks women will start to step their game up. They will start wearing clothes again instead of Uggs and tights all year round, if they can't afford good weave they will go without it, instead of those plastic looking weaves and wigs. Stop going by the Buffy the Body standards because now unattractive chicks with fat tits and fat ass will stop walking around like they are the shit. Plenty of you thirsty niggas fall right into their trap anyway; if she is posting half naked pics of herself on Facebook/Twitter what does that say about her? Obviously, she can’t obtain attention through her mind. Tits eventually sag, intelligence doesn't.

Women are quick to say that they are single because there aren't any good men and they refuse to settle but men have clearly been settling now just for a nut and this has flooded our streets with high mileage poorly presentable vag. I usually rant on Twitter and my Facebook statuses about women walking around the streets in Uggs and tights all year round. Yes, we laugh and joke about my statuses and pics but this epidemic has affected the quality of vag walking our streets. Do you think men like cheap weaves, tights, Uggs, etc.? Stop complaining that you only meeting "no shit" niggas; if your goods are presented in shit packaging what do you expect to attract? Cockiness and confidence are words that have been confused. Cockiness in women is at an all time high yet we men cannot see what you are so confident about. Men are very easily stimulated visually but a set of round perky breasts or a NATURAL plump jiggly ass does not equate to good pussy ladies. Just because a bunch of guys poke you on Facebook or direct message you shit on Twitter doesn't mean you have good pussy. Oh, a particular promoter doesn't charge you to come into his parties? That does not mean you have good pussy! Did you ever think that you are half naked in your pics, you only discuss getting drunk on weekends, or countdown to partying in Miami Memorial Day weekend on these social networks? Think his inquiry is because he wants to wine and dine you or introduce you to Mommy? Why do we dress up for job interviews? It shows self-worth, value and makes good impressions to the employer. Ladies, the way you walk on the streets, the pics you post on the Internet, these are all pre-screen interviews. So stop complaining about men ain't shit and your pussy is too good. Actually you might not be shit so get some Febreze for your stinky ass. I know from those last few lines you are thinking what about the other side of the spectrum. Yes, there are some low life dirty niggas walking the streets and they have no shame to holla at you on your way to work. Like, seriously, you’re going to work he smoking a black and mild trying to get your number at 8a.m., you don't have no place to be negro? Can't help those fools though, you just need to make sure you’re on point, surround yourself with positive people and then you will realize that some men are actually shit. So your homegirl been working on her associates for 4 years now and counting? Cut her off. Your other friend working on baby father #3 before 25? Cut her off! The circle you keep, the places you go and the way you present yourself all determine what kind of men you are going to attract, so stop blaming men and keep your shit tight, no pun intended.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Reality of Reality TV

Every Tuesday around 10pm, if you sign into your Twitter or Facebook account there is a frenzy of updates regarding females like Natalie, Annie and Flo. I guarantee most of you already know where I’m going from that sentence. Yes, I am talking about the Bad Girls Club, for those out of the "loop". I indulged myself in BGC frenzy recently, I mean I had to see what the hype was all about. The first episode I saw, one girl Amber is in the club dancing with her legs around some random dude waist never mind that same female’s boyfriend was coming to visit the next day. In that same episode two of the residents of the house, Kendra and Lexi, have a threesome with some random guy they had just met. And I thought Pumpkin spitting in New York’s face on Flavor of Love was live!

Is there a trend going on here people? Bad Girls Club, America's Top Model, Harlem Heights, College Hill and the Godfather of Negro Reality TV Flavor of Love have taken over the conversation of lunchrooms, coffee shops and social networks. I mean, reality TV is basically now TV but it’s nothing new to America. Real World is on its “100th season” while other shows like Survivor, The Apprentice and Big Brother have been extremely popular over the years. More popular in the "non-colored" communities compared to aforementioned BGC, America’s Next Top Model etc. series. But where am I going with this piece you may be asking yourself? Research I conducted on the history of reality TV maybe? Wrong! Maybe this is about my thoughts on how the season of BGC will end being I have now been sucked back into the comforting bosom of reality TV? Wrong again! I am writing because, friends, you seriously need to WAKE THE FUCK UP! You are reading this like what is my beef, its good entertainment but the grip of these shows has gotten tighter and tighter. For you, it is just entertainment but what about the kids and teenagers who are growing up on this garbage. We had images of Steve Urkel, Alex Mack and Kennan and Kel growing up. Now Flava Flav, New York and Kendra are the topic of everyone’s conversation. Urkel's tight high waters pants never became a staple in the fashion industry but I bet you all know how to "fist pump" now. It doesn't seem like much when you’re tweeting about shorty from your block that "smashed the homies" but this is a prime example of the way our realities are now reality TV. We are constantly talking, thinking and some are even emulating all these images from these shows but what positive influence does reality TV have on us?....I'll wait. Personally, I am also very ashamed at my black queens for supporting these shows. I never sat down to watch "Rock of Love" but I don't have enough fingers and toes to count all the ignorant black bitches on BGC, Flavor of Love, Love of Ray J, etc. Do we not see how we are allowing these white corporate companies to lynch us daily on prime time television? We find it as entertainment but for white Billy from the Mid-west who lives in an all white community this is the perception he receives and believes is of black women.

We all have some sort of vice which we indulge in periodically and this is perfectly fine. (Unless it’s something illegal like smoking crack or committing murder). For example, my guilty pleasure is video games and all my friends know how much I love me some Xbox 360. Not as harmful as these reality shows but these guilty pleasures can clearly cause change on one personally (obesity, hinder development of social skills, etc) or harm relationships with people close around you. When we watch these shows even though we know it’s wrong those ratings congratulate the actions of these so called stars. A lot of dumb guys take those images, the whorish slimy women of these reality shows and what do you think goes through their heads when they ask your name in the club? Their intentions are definitely not to attend bible study class with you. I am not placing all the blame on reality television for the injustices and disrespect women still encounter on a daily basis. But when will it stop? At one point we had leaders fighting to empower females or empower the African-American race. In the 21st century our leaders are now polygamist preaching rappers and materialistic divas and model girlfriends. We are adults now and plenty of you out there have kids, or have a friend with children, are you not concerned with this generation following us? They are lost and if we stop supporting these negative images, which are being pumped into their sponge like minds, then maybe we have a chance. Just remember that you were warned. We tend to try to defuse issues when the shit already hit the fan. I was once told slow and steady wins the race so lets start TODAY.I appreciate everyone who has posted my pieces on their site, retweeted my site on Twitter or just wrote a comment on any of my blogs. That is my main purpose to spark that dialogue it is better we are discussing something positive compared to latest videos on Your homegirl who usually reminds you it's 10pm on Tuesday turn to Oxygen, reply to her text with my blogsite, spark up some new uplifting conversation. Do not look to Obama for change, change starts with you.