Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Longer a Mystery

Men do not understand women and women do not understand men. No matter how many books you read, how many magazine surveys you take or gossip you gather in the barbershop or salon, the complexity of the two species can’t be solved. Only thing we can do is obtain knowledge from our OWN experiences, learn from our mistakes and live a positive life toward our goals and dreams. It doesn't hurt getting a nut or two while we bumble along on this bumpy road towards success. I mean, conference calls, overtime at the office and train delays deserve some sort of award, I believe. The bedroom is one of the most mystical and mysterious situations where the battle of the sexes collide. Over the years old partners and female friends have been searching for an answer on one subject about us males, not for their benefit but to help them help us. "What makes pussy good?" No, this is not the same as my previous post "You Don't Really Have Good Pussy.” I touched upon a lot of the external factors, which brought "value" to the sweetness between a ladies legs. But many want to understand the physical portion, why after just a few strokes your lover has rolled over and is now sucking his thumb while you’re laying there more upset than white people during the OJ verdict.

Basically ladies, pussy is pussy. Physically, just like men, the actual vag has different attributes. Some clits are big, some are small, some ladies walk around always moist, for some it takes a little more influence to get the juices flowing but to men, its all the same shit. A man can make anything "feel" good if he puts his mind to it. If you blindfold a Nazi and have him sleep with an African woman I bet he will get a nut. Just like women, a huge percentage of our orgasm derives from our mental. Just think of masturbation for men compared to women, the arrays of devices women can choose from compared to a man, all we need is a little lotion and a magazine to make our magic happen. So what makes your pussy different from your home girl and how do you determine whose is better? Ladies, have failed to realize our similarities and how emotion, affection and feelings play a factor for a man in the bedroom. We have seen great comedians such as Eddie Murphy do stand up about cheating and recite this famous line "I just fuck those other girls, but I make love to you." Regardless, how funny and ridiculous that sounds, it’s true! You may think back now at "fuck buddy" situations, 12pm or 12am no matter the hour he wanted you but he just wanted your body, not YOU as a person. That doesn't mean the actual vag was good but a man loves no attachment, requirements pussy. You might not be able to ride it like his main chick but to him variation is better. How do you think the term "Ain't no pussy better than new pussy" was derived? The feeling of new pussy is like that first bike ride without training wheels. You broke another barrier in life and during that ride down your block you are on top of the world or on top of someone’s daughter.

So folks there it is, Pussy is pussy. There’s little you ladies can do to alter your vag to make it more enjoyable (this does not mean don't shave or do your kegals) same way a man cannot alter his penis size. Many have confused a man lusting after your pussy as good pussy and that is not the case. The determining factor is the man feelings toward you. Domestic abilities along with things like road head, sex in spontaneous places, hand jobs on the dollar van etc. are ways to bring up your pussy value. A fuck buddy and a girlfriend are also BIG factors. A man lusts for pussy once he hits puberty but you want a man to love YOU. The benefits will be displayed when he enters your love nest. Remember your feelings may be on a different level from your partner and you might do things to please him, such as give him your body. Just because he hits it right don’t assume it’s because you have good pussy. A physical connection holds no weight on a mental connection. Compare encounters you had with someone you actually got to know compared to situations where it jumped right into the physical. New pussy is priority but free (no work required) pussy is rarely passed up. So do not equate a man running you down to get in your draws again as your vag being good. You are just more convenient than the girl he bagged at the club last night, might take a date or two before they are playing "Just the tip,” then he will be #ontothenextone. Hopefully, ladies the gap between men and women has been bridged somewhat after reading this. Just remember it’s highly unlikely you can alter the feeling, wetness, looseness of your vag but if you learn to mentally fuck a man first before getting in the bed your pussy is good.

Unlike my other blogs the ideas and content had a great contribution from my two homeboys. Catch more of their mental on twitter @GreedyVegan and @LilFridaaayyy.

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