Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama the first and last Black President

The war on racism will never end. Our ancestors have demolished barriers with eras such as the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement but advancement of African-Americans is stagnant now, actually I believe it’s going downhill because our worse enemy is stronger than ever. OURSELVES.

At twenty five years on age my friends are starting to grow up all around me. Homeboys that use to be "players" have settled down, the lover boys from college are now engaged, some even married. My homegirls that use to go to the club Monday to Saturday now only go to work Mon to Fri and church on Sunday. One thing though that has not changed within my peer group is the formation of the black family. I know more baby mommas than wives or even girlfriends. Is it just a coincidence every man goes AWOL once you ladies get pregnant? No it is not! They not abadoning their children just to give Maury a topic for his show. Trapping dudes worked in the 70's but those days are long gone. Only men worth trapping is basketball players and (some) rappers but all the females I know are pregnant by Ray Ray from around the corner, he does not even work so how you expect to even collect child support after he leaves you? Ok maybe you got a dude with a little part time job but is child support really going to make ends meet? One day when I was working at the bank a dude came to ask me a question and he showed me his pay stub. He worked at the Au Bon Pain next door to my job and we looked over his stub. This guy made a little over $300 a week and almost half his check went to child support. I want to see how you going to save for college receiving $150 weekly for your child off an Au Bon Pain check.

Black people are about 75% of the problem; the other 25% goes to our caring powerful and trusted government. We cannot get a good education in our inner cities but almost every black person knows when 106 and Park is on BET and how to receive welfare and food stamps. Some of the baby mommas I know are just waiting around for public assistance to kick in and they refuse to look for work! I mean I’m no tyrant or anything but we need to eliminate this welfare system and any uneducated, worthless female should have their child taken away from them. Allowing these females to “raise” children has only been setting black people back more and more. We need to circulate the funds from the welfare system into a system where the government educates these orphans. I know now you are thinking I'm evil a child needs his mother but what are these dumb bitches doing for society except sucking up our tax dollars. They clearly can't raise a child because they can't even make a good decision on a man to have a child with. Is there any good reason kids in the projects are rocking Timbs and Jordans? Because welfare is funding these idiotic women. Another option in which the welfare system can actually bring reform is by educating single mothers. Many of them are lazy and worthless women but some actually care about their future and want to better themselves; they made a few mistakes now they are caught up in the system, “just another statistic”. So instead of sticking them in the projects and giving them little checks on the 1st and 15th why don't we provide them with higher education or a trade school so they can get out of the "hood”? I think it's a shame and disgrace that in 2009 I have women telling me they are waiting for public assistance to kick in or they have to move to a shelter temporarily because they have nowhere to bring their child. I mean condoms could be the first step to even avoid these problems but I'm not against pro-creation of black people we got NYPD, Heart Disease, AIDS etc wiping us out daily. But I look at my people the same as I do females I date, quality over quantity. Until you females smarten up and stop trying to trap good for nothing dudes or looking for love in a child (get a puppy bitch) we will continue to struggle and my kids will be reading about Obama in their textbooks as the only black president. To my handful of friends with kids who are reading this and are providing for your child/children keep doing you thing and you are always invited over to my house for BBQs I don’t have to worry about your kids stealing my silverware.

Monday, April 20, 2009

To Hump or Not to Hump? Should it be a question?

It crosses all our minds a few times a day
It sells...movies, music, television
You know what I am talking about friends

Puberty is one of the worse experiences we go through as humans. Your body is changing rapidly, I mean as a man its good our egos grow along with our length and girth ;) but the hormones start flowing. These hormones create emotions which make or break our future sex life. I say make or break it because as a young adult I have seen the sex game change. My peers have went from humping like rabbits to practice abstinence more and more in 2009 and one major reason many females are putting their sex life on hold is Casual Sex.

Really fuck those hormones...like how is one suppose to know what to do? "My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes" I mean the crazed, deranged R. Kelly couldn't have said it any better. How are you supposed to know what to do about these feelings, emotions, and hormones with "society" dictating how to pleasure yourself? As a man they throw all these images of sex on the train, the TV and the secretary likes to bend over your desk with her newest push up bra but if you try to take home that random girl from the bar/club she thinks you are a dog or player but you just going with your hormones and telling her what you want. I mean women should stop complaining about guys who try to sleep with you on the first night at least he is coming at you correct and not saying all the stuff you want to hear just to not call you back or even ask your last name, but that another blog. Now as a female you are taught to be more reserved when it comes to sex, you don't want to appear as an ho. Times have changed a lot more females are vocal about their needs, about masturbation and fellatio via Facebook, Twitter etc. But society and emotions still dictates to women how often, when, with who they can have sex with.

Casual Sex is not "lady" like but now look at all the players in this game of sex. We have people in relationships, in a utopia society they are only involved with each other but people cheat every second, minute, day etc (but that’s another blog). Then we have all the single males looking for that quick fix from all the media images, women in the street sporting their ASSets. Last but not least we have all our single females, emotionally drained, no real orgasm in over 6 months with the brains, careers, and top notch fellatio game but instead of fulfilling their womanly needs with the warmth and comfort of a male they turn to Duracell. In the last Census of 2000 taken in my great city of New York the data collected concluded more there are more than a million more females in NYC compared to males. So why are men looked at as horn dogs for wanting sex and we have more fish in the sea compared to them? Because you ladies are holding out! Put down the toys from the sex shop, stop munching on your homegirls vag and get out there and pleasure a man! We know you want it, and you have over 3 million men who want you in NYC alone (minus the gay and DL brothers) but I think that is fair numbers on your side ladies. Do not let Tyra, Oprah and Bill O'Reilly make the blueprint for your goodies. Get out there and help these deprived men. If you are a good woman you will attract good guys, don't just take the cute guy from the bar with the cheap pickup lines, keep your standards high always. I call a spade a spade so if you are a lady a man will treat you as such so there is no reason you cannot indulge in casual sex and not be considered a lady, but please ladies stop with this abstinence and using dildos the men out here need you! Also sex is good exercise and is good for your health (as long as your practice safely), don't believe me its ok science has proved it read here.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where is Morpheus when you need him?

The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth ~ Morpheus

The Matrix was a very powerful movie series to me but most of us enjoyed if for its special effects and action scenes. But of course my ass looks at everything deeper and one part of our "Matrix" which influences us everyday is the music industry.

I recently looked at Wrestlemania 25...Why not I have free cable and had a few hours to waste one day. I mean I use to be a big fan of the WWF; I'm talking about Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and Jack the Snake classic shit. There was a classic match at Wrestlemania 25 the Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, two veterans. These dudes have been wrestling (acting) for 18 plus years and I drew a crazy parallel of the WWF and Hip-Hop.

I like Hip-Hop beef like who doesn't? It’s entertaining but to keep it in simple terms "People are dumb". I overhear conversations on train, bus, even between my peers about Hip-Hop with people saying XYZ rapper is real, he does that shit. Let’s take the most recent hip-hop beef 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross (D-generation X vs. The Rock) and look at it from the "other side".

Pictures arise of Rick Ross as a correction officer. His career should have ended right there. Do we not all know who the real Rick Ross is? Rick Ross the rapper emulates this big drug dealer living a lavish lifestyle which appears to be far from true. Do you ever wonder if all these dudes were such big drug dealers why would they need to rap (Hov, Jeezy, Ross etc.)? Got to give it to T.I. at least he got caught with some of the shit he raps about. But back to the topic at hand, I am not saying I dislike Rick Ross the rapper because he is not "real" I am actually looking forward to his new album but wouldn’t the eyes of "dumb people" open up from this situation. Like damn this rap shit isn't all what it's cracked up to be. When his baby mother was interviewed by 50 cent she went on to say how Ross is unable to keep up with his bills but still people prefer to struggle trying to get on as a rapper compared to picking up a book. The stories may not be true, I actually think it’s all a marketing scheme to help Ross sell records but what image does this give to youths and teenagers? I mean if I was dumb I would believe all of it because when you have shows like MTV cribs with celebrities showing off rented goods for the camera. I am not shooting down the dreams of all you aspiring rappers out there, but you should do it for the love of hip-hop. When walk the streets of New York or attend urban nightlife events you see plenty of local rappers with the typical "rapper" look. Mixtape in hand, long chain (some real most of them cubic zirconia) and a Yankee fitted. If you doing it big like this homey without a deal why are you trying to get me to buy your CD for five dollars? Rick Ross has a fan base and for the most part is the good guy in this situation which is what makes him “the Rock”.

Now 50 cent is known to destroy careers he has few under his belt, Ja Rule, The Game etc. But was this always 50's "gimmick"? No. Early in his career up to about Get Rich or Die Tryin' 50 was the bad boy, rising up from the streets of Southside Jamaica, Queens after getting shot 9 times. But of course that would have gotten stale after a while so being the marketing genius he is 50 knew controversy sells so he first murdered Murda Inc. then The Game and the rest is history. In many of the diss records from these artists they talk about "fucking up, shooting etc the other party". We all know that is not going to happen, 50's days of slanging crack is done, I mean he walks with armed security now but people still look at these rappers as "real niggas". As I write this I am listening to a mixtape with all the tracks of this Ross and 50 beef. Diss records have come a long way. Talking about each other’s parents, children and baby mommas is a little overboard for me. What kind of image does this present to the youth, even my fellow peers the dumb ones? We watch the news everyday and we hear about people killing for less than a diss record so why do we fall into the traps 50 sets? He is the Hip-Hop pit-bull without teeth…All Bark no Bite. Isn't it always so convenient that 50 makes beef right around him dropping a new album? Before I Self Destruct Fall 2009 (cheap shameless plug all rappers do). Do we not see it’s all a marketing tactic to ensure we go out to buy his record? This is why 50 cent is a parallel of D generation X, he is the bad boy of the music industry, he is talented and powerful and has a strong unit or G-unit to be exact.

As smart, educated folks (dumb people don’t read blogs unless it’s about clothes or music) we need not only look out for our youth but also our peers. There are too many adults walking around thinking if 50 Cent and Game or Jim Jones and Camron ran into each other in Wal-mart there would be a shootout or something. Hip-Hop is nothing more than a game now and we are the pawns, the people who purchase records. Well even that’s an issue with all the leaking and technology. Remember 90's Hip-hop? They rapped about their struggle, the life they really lived not the life they emulate. Don't let the record executives (Vince McMahon) entrap you in The Matrix because just like the WWE its just entertainment friends.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Prostitution Legal in 2009?

In the science of Love there are evolutions which cannot be found in your science textbook and you will not see any special on National Geographic Channel but you know I treat everyday like Thanksgiving providing Food for Thought. Recently I was talking to a lady friend of mine and we got into a slight argument which made me realize the "Evolution of the Vagina".

High School Vagina

Not tampered with, excited ready for exploration yet confused

For the most part a girl was either in a relationship giving her boyfriend the goods, not giving the goods at all (V-card) or sucking off the football team in the back of the locker room but the blueprint of her uterus has yet to be completed

College Vagina

Still confused yet looking for closure, a lot of experimentation with much more exploration

College are the years which allow the attitude "Fuck It" I will just roll with the punches. There are some girls who go to school in NY and their high school boyfriend went to school in Cali but most cases that did not last long (ALL GIRLS like attention so when dudes came to your dorm with liqs for your roommate while you sit in the corner phone boning this easily can give a change of heart), then you had you females who only wanted a man as their fuck buddy, or you average joe girl who ended up with whoever, whenever, however after that house party/bar every Friday night.

Post College Vagina

post college relationship new closure needed, exploration needed to fulfill gaps, price tag now added?

Many women have a mentality now after college "Men Ain't Shit" "Men are Dogs" (surprised there wasn’t a graphic tee like the "Stop Snitchin" campaign) That boyfriend that you spent your meal points on, that fuck buddy you had which had more than one fuck buddy has scarred the vagina so the vagina needs comfort again especially with all the new obstacles we endure as adults (rent, taxes, bills etc.) Your friends are moving in with their bf's and/or getting engaged now but you wonder what am I doing wrong? This is how "prostitution" is placed in the equation for your search for love. Now if a guy wants a sample of your goods he is required to take you to the best restaurants, teddy bears and chocolates are not good enough for Valentines now buddy. If she is driving a 3 Series you better have a 5 or up in order just to get the number playa. Economics has proven that needs are unlimited but resources are limited but through a woman's eyes that mean dog shit. Women want it all and they want it now! Material things have become the driving force of vagina and until women realize that your "Men Ain't Shit campaign" will have as much results as the War on Drugs does. I am not telling you to "fuck for free" but expand your mindset. I have friends who have a dude, not even their boyfriend paying their car note. I'm not one of them fools but they are out there, stop giving it up because he put a few meals in your belly or because he drives a nice car…it isn’t your car fool (plenty are still giving it up for nothing!) doesn’t it make sense to exchange the goods for a few stacks in your bank account? It may sound weird like I am telling you to "sell your body" but your goods are the only stock which never loses value so use the ASSets wisely!

I'll show you how to do this hun! - Jay-Z