Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama the first and last Black President

The war on racism will never end. Our ancestors have demolished barriers with eras such as the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement but advancement of African-Americans is stagnant now, actually I believe it’s going downhill because our worse enemy is stronger than ever. OURSELVES.

At twenty five years on age my friends are starting to grow up all around me. Homeboys that use to be "players" have settled down, the lover boys from college are now engaged, some even married. My homegirls that use to go to the club Monday to Saturday now only go to work Mon to Fri and church on Sunday. One thing though that has not changed within my peer group is the formation of the black family. I know more baby mommas than wives or even girlfriends. Is it just a coincidence every man goes AWOL once you ladies get pregnant? No it is not! They not abadoning their children just to give Maury a topic for his show. Trapping dudes worked in the 70's but those days are long gone. Only men worth trapping is basketball players and (some) rappers but all the females I know are pregnant by Ray Ray from around the corner, he does not even work so how you expect to even collect child support after he leaves you? Ok maybe you got a dude with a little part time job but is child support really going to make ends meet? One day when I was working at the bank a dude came to ask me a question and he showed me his pay stub. He worked at the Au Bon Pain next door to my job and we looked over his stub. This guy made a little over $300 a week and almost half his check went to child support. I want to see how you going to save for college receiving $150 weekly for your child off an Au Bon Pain check.

Black people are about 75% of the problem; the other 25% goes to our caring powerful and trusted government. We cannot get a good education in our inner cities but almost every black person knows when 106 and Park is on BET and how to receive welfare and food stamps. Some of the baby mommas I know are just waiting around for public assistance to kick in and they refuse to look for work! I mean I’m no tyrant or anything but we need to eliminate this welfare system and any uneducated, worthless female should have their child taken away from them. Allowing these females to “raise” children has only been setting black people back more and more. We need to circulate the funds from the welfare system into a system where the government educates these orphans. I know now you are thinking I'm evil a child needs his mother but what are these dumb bitches doing for society except sucking up our tax dollars. They clearly can't raise a child because they can't even make a good decision on a man to have a child with. Is there any good reason kids in the projects are rocking Timbs and Jordans? Because welfare is funding these idiotic women. Another option in which the welfare system can actually bring reform is by educating single mothers. Many of them are lazy and worthless women but some actually care about their future and want to better themselves; they made a few mistakes now they are caught up in the system, “just another statistic”. So instead of sticking them in the projects and giving them little checks on the 1st and 15th why don't we provide them with higher education or a trade school so they can get out of the "hood”? I think it's a shame and disgrace that in 2009 I have women telling me they are waiting for public assistance to kick in or they have to move to a shelter temporarily because they have nowhere to bring their child. I mean condoms could be the first step to even avoid these problems but I'm not against pro-creation of black people we got NYPD, Heart Disease, AIDS etc wiping us out daily. But I look at my people the same as I do females I date, quality over quantity. Until you females smarten up and stop trying to trap good for nothing dudes or looking for love in a child (get a puppy bitch) we will continue to struggle and my kids will be reading about Obama in their textbooks as the only black president. To my handful of friends with kids who are reading this and are providing for your child/children keep doing you thing and you are always invited over to my house for BBQs I don’t have to worry about your kids stealing my silverware.

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  1. I completely agree with this post. Its sad that our tax dollars are being used to house mothers who only care about what pics their gonna post on their myspace page and who's gonna be babby daddy number 12. These are the same women who take "sexy" pics of themselves w/ their babies layin on the bed next to them. WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER!