Monday, May 4, 2009

My Big Brother wasn't Bigs Brother

"America is a land of opportunity and don't ever forget it.”

Will Rogers

Compared to most other areas of the world America is looked upon as the land of a million opportunities, streets are paved of gold. Our families were either brought here by force (slavery) or migrated here to escape the trials, tribulations and corruption of our governments elsewhere. But is it really worth it?

Compared to most other countries America is not really any better. Our shit is never really on point, I mean we voted Bush in office for eight years (well he cheated once), we would have better with the country being run by a retarded chimp. The country is always in a deficit (read up on the Federal Reserve), unemployment is never close to zero but we are still a world superpower. We actually are not that super we just not as broke as these other nations. Our American government is not big superpower that our history books teach us but I think its more like a Big Brother. We can sleep at night because if Saddam wanted to shoot a bomb on our block we know America would shoot two back. We know if North Korea tries to make a concentration camp on Jamaica Ave America would quickly come by and kill all their asses. America is just a structure to provide comfort and convenience similar to a Big Brother. We know our Big Brother will protect us and watch over us because of its power but just like your real older brother you need to fear him in order to believe in him and America has been instilling fear in us FOREVER. This is what makes the country go around, which makes us still pay taxes (which is illegal and isn't even written in law) because we can walk around knowing Big Brother will always have your back.

Recently the news have been covering the recent epidemic of swine flu and people are now wearing SARS masks on the streets of NYC, people who were flying to Cancun for Memorial Day weekend are now eating up big airline cancellation fees. Every cough on your morning commute has you thinking twice if it was allergies or Swine symptoms. But let’s see in the next few weeks where the media will place its attention on next. Remember back in November of 2002 when Big Brother starting scaring us about Sars. No vaccine has yet been developed but after Big Brother stopped covering it and we went back to our daily lives. In 2006 and 2007 we had two small outbreaks of Bird Flu which again had you walking with hand sanitizer but after Big Brother stopped putting it on the news we went back our own nasty ways. Let's see how long this Swine Flu Fad will last until Big Brother puts together another story to scare us. All last year Big Brother was telling us how we are in a recession but I have not been able to get a decent parking spot or not wait on line at Wal-Mart or Target. Don't let Big Brother keep playing you for a fool people. Everything on the news is fabricated to scare you. We are fighting a war of terror in Iraq for weapons which were never discovered, funding corporate America because of faulty executives who use private jets to government hearings while you sit at your desk reading this awaiting your pink slip because the company can’t afford to pay benefits to your department anymore.

Thanks Big Brother.

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