Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thirst: The Great Misconception by @TheLastJ

I tweeted some shit one day about Urkle and the Thirst and then one of my boys showed me this piece by the homey @TheLastJ.  Only right I spred the love and give you "The Thirst" from another angle and good POV.  Check it out and as usual leave feedback, we would love it.

The Thin Line Between Swag and Thirst

The Thirst is nothing new; it is the bastard child of "sweating" and "compliments". Junior High school into high school the thirst was more genuine. House phones and AOL were the only outlets to your chick outside of school. But around high school cell phones started to become regular so you had access to her 24 hours a day.  Then in college when texting became the norm along with the release of the Sidekick, you had unlimited access to vag nationwide.  With social networks though, shit it was like the parting of the Red Sea to the box, a simple poke use to get you far in the early years of Facebook.  Regardless of all the benefits the Internet has done leading you to the no pants dance with someone a few bad apples have spoiled the bunch. Take Exhibit A for example.

Swag is natural and your approach with Internet flirting can make or break you if your swag is equivalent of Steve Urkle.  Doing shit like the above has turned women off and caused the elite males to again evolve their methods of approach with the current tools in the pursuit of vag.  Let me help those who are confused on how to approach women on the web.  I am not writing this to help you get more box, I am trying to have you thirsty dudes refine your approach to avoid being the topic of discussion at the hair salon.  Yeah there are plenty of women out there looking to screen cap you thirsty niggas so lets see how to be 2 steps ahead of these vile ladies. (Note I still didn't stoop down to call them bitches, even though they are wrong for what they do).