Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Thin Line Between Swag and Thirst

The Thirst is nothing new; it is the bastard child of "sweating" and "compliments". Junior High school into high school the thirst was more genuine. House phones and AOL were the only outlets to your chick outside of school. But around high school cell phones started to become regular so you had access to her 24 hours a day.  Then in college when texting became the norm along with the release of the Sidekick, you had unlimited access to vag nationwide.  With social networks though, shit it was like the parting of the Red Sea to the box, a simple poke use to get you far in the early years of Facebook.  Regardless of all the benefits the Internet has done leading you to the no pants dance with someone a few bad apples have spoiled the bunch. Take Exhibit A for example.

Swag is natural and your approach with Internet flirting can make or break you if your swag is equivalent of Steve Urkle.  Doing shit like the above has turned women off and caused the elite males to again evolve their methods of approach with the current tools in the pursuit of vag.  Let me help those who are confused on how to approach women on the web.  I am not writing this to help you get more box, I am trying to have you thirsty dudes refine your approach to avoid being the topic of discussion at the hair salon.  Yeah there are plenty of women out there looking to screen cap you thirsty niggas so lets see how to be 2 steps ahead of these vile ladies. (Note I still didn't stoop down to call them bitches, even though they are wrong for what they do).

Comment Strategically 
No reason for a female to have 500 pics and you liked or commented on 400 of them.  You are giving her too much of your time before you even have her.  Why are you complimenting a woman you never even seen in person? Even if you have seen her around the way, campus or the workplace don't resort to Facebook/Twitter to grab her attention.  You actually can use social networks to grab her attention but we will go into that later.  I see why women say niggas is dumb.  The funniest situations are females who post half naked pics and you see a tsunami of thirst on her pics what is the sense of using a different adjective and stating the same shit 73 other dudes already said?  No, that’s thirsty! It's not worth it.  The thing I have yet to figure out is what is your purpose in complimenting a woman you do not even know.  Do you compliment your mother or your queen lying next to you randomly like these thirst traps? Priorities my friends, show thirst to the one to humping not the one you crushing.

Know When To Walk Away
First and foremost never, ever call a girl to confirm her number when you are in the process of bagging.  Bagging does not consist of a confirmation or tracking number like UPS so calm your ass down. You are actually setting yourself up for failure when you do lame shit like that.  You know how many times girls have told me they stored dudes as "Do Not Pick Up" when you try to confirm the number when you bag. You know there are apps out there to blacklist numbers so certain numbers are always sent to voicemail.   So don't think her phone is always dead if you only hear her voicemail.  Why don't you dudes take a hint anyway?  No reason to call a female you just met multiple times, crazy shit is some of you dudes follow the missed call up with a text.  If you a real G you know a missed call equates to a voicemail and text message.  No need for all that thirst you only time you can follow a missed call with a text is with your queen when you are arguing.

Beware of Thirst Traps and But-Her-Head Chicks
Birds look to capitalize off anything. So you know they went crazy with this whole thirst "movement".  If her avatar is focused on her cleavage or her ass she is a thirst trap. Especially when she announces her avatar change, "New avi, tell me what you think".  Thirst Traps use the Internet as a self-esteem booster.  Real bad bitches do not need men gawking at them over bandwidth they have too many real careers, dudes, life issues etc. to juggle between.  You now on Facebook messaging or DM her after she puts up lusty pics do you think she is paying you any mind?  Do you think you are the only dude trying to bag?  The shit that makes it even worse is dudes thirst over wack Internet chicks.  Like yes they are stacked in the right places but look at her grill! There is a reason why her avatars on the web are 50% cleavage; she looks like Craig Mack's fraternal twin.  Even if she is good looking stop boosting these lame broads self-esteem. Hopefully you are giving the chick that is sticking with your ass, through thick and thin the same praise.  You need to carefully observe how a female uses a social network.  Are they using it as a personal diary for all their sexual fantasies? If she only talks about how horny she is or her talents in the bedroom don’t give her the time of day. How would you feel if your mother or sister just talked about sex in public all day? Not pretty right? Well do not encourage or entertain online filth. It only shows what they are about and what they have to offer to men in real life.

Thirst Trap in the flesh 

Stop using Social Networks as hook up sites
Have you ever had the privilege to review a female friend's social network message box?  Same way we have promoters who fill our messages boxes with party flyers I think some dudes copy and paste messages in every female message box, basically promoting their dick.  Like the shit I have read like I really liked your profile, I like the way you think, you seem so interesting so I would really love to get to know you.  Are you serious bro??!!  You feel a connection off of a females Facebook profile? You clearly had imaginary friends growing up.  Again it is all about approach, I doubt you will brighten up a ladies day because you are professing your love to her being you both liked “Maid In Manhattan” on Facebook.

Remember the scene in Training Day when Alonzo asks Hoyt if he wants to be a "Sheep or a Wolf"?  You need to walk in the mirror before you send another thirsty tweet and ask yourself, “Do I want to be Stephan or Urkel?”  There is nothing wrong with giving compliments, if you truly admire your queen you find beauty in anything she does, walk, talk, shit the way she blinks.  But approaching females, especially on the Internet with no decorum, no type of swag, that is Urkle.  There are plenty of ambitious, beautiful, authentic women out there who don't seek attention from social network savages.  Approach is everything, so stop professing your admiration for a person behind a keyboard.  Especially before you even have a conversation with her. Don't give her your number just because she accepted your friend request or because she followed you back. Take your time in pursuing Internet box.  Think about the amount of thirst women encounter daily, real life and virtually, wouldn't it be smarter to stand out from the typical thirsty approaches?  What did thirst get Urkle?  Real G's, no Wayne, know that females have more fun chasing a man compared to being chased. Practice the "swindle" approach, it is the safest your way to her box.  While every dude is flooding her message boxes with phone numbers and lusty comments just be friendly.  The Internet makes the barrier of trust even harder to get over so build a decent rapport with her before asking for a different form of contact.

Weird how I am here trying to help other men acquire more box right? Wrong! The imbalance of elite men vs. thirst men is ridiculous.  Let's stop giving ammo to the thirst traps and build a skill set of sophistication for the REAL ladies.  The ladies have an even bigger guard up now because the savages have turned them off with their antics.  Limit the thirst then the Internet fishing for box can have better results for all. 

"I've been Urkel for some years, its better being Jaleel"

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