Thursday, May 21, 2009

Single Ladies are killing Chivalry

Its been a while but I am back to talk to the ladies and explain why you are spending Memorial Weekend alone at home or maybe out of town trying to "exhale" at Testosterone conventions like South Beach and Cancun (well maybe not Cancun this year).

Life is good for the most part! We have now graduated college, put a deposit down on your first apt/condo and have started at the company of your dreams (maybe about 25% of us live this dream LoL). But seriously we can't complain we are educated, making moves, keeping a Kool-Aid smile on Momma's face. Your shoe game is mean, you keep your hair tight with the most expensive weave but you can't appear to keep a man. What is the problem??

Great comedians like Chris Rock have made jokes about a female knowing after 30 seconds if you will engage in a physical relationship with a man or not, many women have told me this is slightly accurate. 30 seconds is an exaggeration but it does not take long. Why is it then women are complaining about dudes you are dating? You ladies have compromised your time, conversation along cute outfits and makeup just to get a free meal. Regardless of the recession and all your independent anthems you ladies are still the primary stockholders of Chivalry. No I am not saying a guy should not front the bill but be mindful this outing is an investment to a man, returns of some sort are expected. Ladies are going on dates with a guy they have no intention of texting, yet alone even e-mail just to say you went on a date and to have a free meal. You are setting yourself up for a lifestyle you will soon be trapped in ladies. You will continue to go on pointless, boring dates with Ben and Jerry’s and Lifetime as a substitute when a man is not available. At this age approaching our late twenties (earlier thirties grrrrr) we are doing one of two things:

  1. Looking for someone to just f@#k and chill with
  2. Looking for someone to build with, longevity and shit

Ladies before you even go on a date state your intentions from a man at this current stage of your life. Seriously ladies most dudes are not taking you to Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory etc because he is hungry and wants to inquire your mind. The hood is full of Crown Fried, McDonalds and Hero shops which can easily fulfill a man's hunger. The only reason he is sitting there across the table acting interested in you because he is in pursuit of doing the "No-Pants Dance" with you. You know that, we know so stop wasting a guy’s time when you have no interest in them. Don't you think the tension between men and women would cease if you ladies were a little more honest? Just tell the dude he has no chance in hell of getting any nookie and you both part ways...How do you think he feels after you tell him that after a few dates? No man likes a lot of debits out of his account with a stack of porn to finish his night off with. My great-grandmother has also told me "Honesty is the best Policy". Let practice that ladies and trust you will find an ideal man much easier!


  1. I want to start off by saying I am a semi-successful young woman in a long term relationship, however I live vicariously through my single friends.

    I don't see anything wrong with going on a date for a free meal. Yes, everything you said was right. Women know when the guy has no chance but the guy insist on a date anyway. If she is not in a relationship and avidly looking why not have some fun. MAYBE this guy might surprise her, maybe he is just there to pass the time... she won't know unless she tries. By the second or third date the latest she should tell him that she is not interested but at least she tried.

    And women didn't kill chivalry if he was only paying for the meal with expectations of nookie

  2. dont take it out of content im not saying at the end of the night a man always wants sex but that is a goal within the next few days weeks months depends on his level of patience so why waste the man time in these times of recession because you were hungry??