Friday, April 10, 2009

Prostitution Legal in 2009?

In the science of Love there are evolutions which cannot be found in your science textbook and you will not see any special on National Geographic Channel but you know I treat everyday like Thanksgiving providing Food for Thought. Recently I was talking to a lady friend of mine and we got into a slight argument which made me realize the "Evolution of the Vagina".

High School Vagina

Not tampered with, excited ready for exploration yet confused

For the most part a girl was either in a relationship giving her boyfriend the goods, not giving the goods at all (V-card) or sucking off the football team in the back of the locker room but the blueprint of her uterus has yet to be completed

College Vagina

Still confused yet looking for closure, a lot of experimentation with much more exploration

College are the years which allow the attitude "Fuck It" I will just roll with the punches. There are some girls who go to school in NY and their high school boyfriend went to school in Cali but most cases that did not last long (ALL GIRLS like attention so when dudes came to your dorm with liqs for your roommate while you sit in the corner phone boning this easily can give a change of heart), then you had you females who only wanted a man as their fuck buddy, or you average joe girl who ended up with whoever, whenever, however after that house party/bar every Friday night.

Post College Vagina

post college relationship new closure needed, exploration needed to fulfill gaps, price tag now added?

Many women have a mentality now after college "Men Ain't Shit" "Men are Dogs" (surprised there wasn’t a graphic tee like the "Stop Snitchin" campaign) That boyfriend that you spent your meal points on, that fuck buddy you had which had more than one fuck buddy has scarred the vagina so the vagina needs comfort again especially with all the new obstacles we endure as adults (rent, taxes, bills etc.) Your friends are moving in with their bf's and/or getting engaged now but you wonder what am I doing wrong? This is how "prostitution" is placed in the equation for your search for love. Now if a guy wants a sample of your goods he is required to take you to the best restaurants, teddy bears and chocolates are not good enough for Valentines now buddy. If she is driving a 3 Series you better have a 5 or up in order just to get the number playa. Economics has proven that needs are unlimited but resources are limited but through a woman's eyes that mean dog shit. Women want it all and they want it now! Material things have become the driving force of vagina and until women realize that your "Men Ain't Shit campaign" will have as much results as the War on Drugs does. I am not telling you to "fuck for free" but expand your mindset. I have friends who have a dude, not even their boyfriend paying their car note. I'm not one of them fools but they are out there, stop giving it up because he put a few meals in your belly or because he drives a nice car…it isn’t your car fool (plenty are still giving it up for nothing!) doesn’t it make sense to exchange the goods for a few stacks in your bank account? It may sound weird like I am telling you to "sell your body" but your goods are the only stock which never loses value so use the ASSets wisely!

I'll show you how to do this hun! - Jay-Z

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