Monday, April 20, 2009

To Hump or Not to Hump? Should it be a question?

It crosses all our minds a few times a day
It sells...movies, music, television
You know what I am talking about friends

Puberty is one of the worse experiences we go through as humans. Your body is changing rapidly, I mean as a man its good our egos grow along with our length and girth ;) but the hormones start flowing. These hormones create emotions which make or break our future sex life. I say make or break it because as a young adult I have seen the sex game change. My peers have went from humping like rabbits to practice abstinence more and more in 2009 and one major reason many females are putting their sex life on hold is Casual Sex.

Really fuck those how is one suppose to know what to do? "My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes" I mean the crazed, deranged R. Kelly couldn't have said it any better. How are you supposed to know what to do about these feelings, emotions, and hormones with "society" dictating how to pleasure yourself? As a man they throw all these images of sex on the train, the TV and the secretary likes to bend over your desk with her newest push up bra but if you try to take home that random girl from the bar/club she thinks you are a dog or player but you just going with your hormones and telling her what you want. I mean women should stop complaining about guys who try to sleep with you on the first night at least he is coming at you correct and not saying all the stuff you want to hear just to not call you back or even ask your last name, but that another blog. Now as a female you are taught to be more reserved when it comes to sex, you don't want to appear as an ho. Times have changed a lot more females are vocal about their needs, about masturbation and fellatio via Facebook, Twitter etc. But society and emotions still dictates to women how often, when, with who they can have sex with.

Casual Sex is not "lady" like but now look at all the players in this game of sex. We have people in relationships, in a utopia society they are only involved with each other but people cheat every second, minute, day etc (but that’s another blog). Then we have all the single males looking for that quick fix from all the media images, women in the street sporting their ASSets. Last but not least we have all our single females, emotionally drained, no real orgasm in over 6 months with the brains, careers, and top notch fellatio game but instead of fulfilling their womanly needs with the warmth and comfort of a male they turn to Duracell. In the last Census of 2000 taken in my great city of New York the data collected concluded more there are more than a million more females in NYC compared to males. So why are men looked at as horn dogs for wanting sex and we have more fish in the sea compared to them? Because you ladies are holding out! Put down the toys from the sex shop, stop munching on your homegirls vag and get out there and pleasure a man! We know you want it, and you have over 3 million men who want you in NYC alone (minus the gay and DL brothers) but I think that is fair numbers on your side ladies. Do not let Tyra, Oprah and Bill O'Reilly make the blueprint for your goodies. Get out there and help these deprived men. If you are a good woman you will attract good guys, don't just take the cute guy from the bar with the cheap pickup lines, keep your standards high always. I call a spade a spade so if you are a lady a man will treat you as such so there is no reason you cannot indulge in casual sex and not be considered a lady, but please ladies stop with this abstinence and using dildos the men out here need you! Also sex is good exercise and is good for your health (as long as your practice safely), don't believe me its ok science has proved it read here.


  1. LMAO at turning to Duracell and "stop munching your homegirls vag." I defi think that casual sex and "experimentation" has gone up for women nowadays. We are conflicted: we have promiscuous characters like Samantha (SATC) and Lynn (Girlfriends) on TV telling us its OK to explore our sexuality, but then we also have that inner prude telling us what's ladylike or not. Most girls go through different phases sexually - you start off as a "good girl" then have you're "imma do me" phase, then choose which works best for you. I know for me personally, the toy thing is too impractical. I'd rather just phone a friend and get my boink on if I'm single than start up the rabbit lol, but that's just me.

  2. I think a big part is societies double standard when it comes to women. Women are hoes if the sleep with someone on the first date, but men are pimps and playas if they seek this.

    If you are comfy in your skin, know who you are as a person, and are respectable (everyone doesnt know your business, you dont suck off the whole team, etc) then do you ladies!

    Great post fam. Good perspective. I think women are more sexually liberated. I think its more of women using proper judgement of who they sleep with rather than when, which is why the 90 day rule by Steve harvey is bs, "but thats another blog.