Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game

It does not make sense. You read all the magazine articles on "Ways to Spice up the Bedroom", you watched the Superbowl with him and his boys, you even performed fellatio while on your cycle but for some reason you found a text message from some heifer saying she misses YOUR MAN. What was you doing wrong, what was you not doing, what could have you done different? It does not make sense ladies but lets step inside the mind of a man and find out:
Why Men Cheat
  1. The biggest reason why men cheat is Fear. No your man is not scared of you but he is scared of getting played. Even though we may not admit it most men posses some level of insecurity. To protect themselves and their feelings a man will cheat even if his girlfriend is Oprah because he needs to need to obtain that level of security.
  2. So you meet this new guy and he finds out your 2 best friends are "hos" if safe to say the man will think you are a "ho" also as the saying goes "birds of the feather...." Now you actually may carry yourself like a lady unlike your friends but that up the man to figure out over time and by doing his research. The same rule applies to men ladies, if his friends are players its 50/50 he is a player also. Its up to you to do your research to find out what type of guy he is. A male's ego is bigger than Aretha's calorie count so most men will try to keep a certain image to his boys to fit in. But remember I said most men, its possible to date a guy who friends been around the block a few times.
  3. There is a saying that my friends and I live by:
Dick is free, Pussy isn't
Except for men in positions of power. Lucky for Michelle a lot of ladies are not trying to
bang Obama but prefer to give up the nookie to a party promoter because he lets them
skip the line at Imperial. Self-Control varies from man to man with most dude not
possessing any. Why would a man want to pass up free pussy? In our eyes it's a natural
resource like oil and wheat so its always more attractive when it is free with no

Just a few of the many reasons ladies and the crazy part I realized with writing this men are more complex than females in some cases. It does not take much to keep us happy in a relationship but the reasons we may stray away from the nest is from years and years of molding, molding from slavery, our ancestors,the media etc. Society has made it appear that its natural for a man to cheat so it takes a lot of nurturing and self-control to fight that urge so stand by your man ladies to make sure you suppress any urges which may takeover your mans body.