Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama Does not Know CHANGE

The 10 pm news, your daily newspaper, during those unofficial breaks at the water cooler what is the topic at hand? THE ECONOMY. Everyone is scared; keep your money in the bank or under the mattress what to do? Who can we trust? While we are struggling to buy a gallon of milk we have corporate executives using the government dollars to do repairs on their summer house, but hey this is America right? Remember Laissez-faire from 3rd grade social studies? Why are all these policies thrown out the window? I'm not going into a rant about the economy on macro-scale but on a micro-scale which the media never touches upon.

Lets breakdown our country a little bit, this great land our home America. We were all taught to go to school, get a job and buy the house and two car garage. But the shit we need for life, the real shit to survive in America is not provided in no public school, community college, or 5 figure a year university (shoutout to St. Johns) I'm talking about financial education. I said it in previous blogs, one thing you never ask you date it how much they make, not only because it’s rude because America is structured like that. Money is the only sensitive subject in America, we don't ever want to talk about it but our lives revolve around it. Does it make sense friends? We can turn on a prime time TV show and see half naked people in love scenes or two dudes kissing and we wonder why teen sex rates are high but that’s a whole other issue. Working at the bank gave me the opportunity to be at the epicenter of our economy, I saw rich people, poor people, unemployed people, and just flat out dumb people. Not dumb by choice but dumb because they had no financial education. Even though all banks are companies of evil (that’s another blog) every person should have a bank account, but I popped a lot of checking account cherries for some grown ass people, I'm talking like 35 years old with no bank account. I had to talk people out of applying for personal loans to pay their credit card and phone bill like do you know what interest is?? (I knew they wouldn't get approved anyway). One girl that stood out to me which help inspired this note was a nice 20ish Caucasian girl from Pace. She had some overdraft fees and was beefin about them, so I offered her overdraft protection to protect her checking account (overdraft protection is actually a credit card, told you banks are evil) and she said she applied recently but she will try again. So I checked to see when she last applied and I tell her its better we don't apply because I don’t want to run her credit again. The girl is like "WTF run my credit I never ran my credit" and I explain to her the whole FICO store situation, applying for credit and she is like amazed. This is a girl who is half way done with college, about to embrace the world with her bachelors but doesn’t know what APR stands for.

Basically turn off the CNN, the MSNBC and all these other media outlets talking about how fucked up the economy is. I know a lot of people reading this right now are in a situation right now with their own finances, shit we all are going to work now feeling like you just tried out for varsity basketball team and coach is making cuts. But stop listening to rich people on TV trying to analyze why the economy is so bad. They have a job and you probably won’t tomorrow, it doesn’t require studies or a bunch of degrees to figure out why we in the situation we in currently. You gave a bunch of dumb muthafuckers houses so eventually the majority of these dumb muthafuckers stopped paying their 10% mortgage loans the rich muthafuckers couldn’t go on summer vacation to Dubai so the market crashed. But how can we avoid this people? Instead of teaching our children about how Columbus fucked up and "found" America teach them how to save, I'm tired of grown ass men cashing checks.

If you want to see how crazy our system is and the whole concept of interest click here

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