Monday, February 9, 2009

Im so Dope like the Lou Vuittons with the Red Bottoms

“I don’t surf the net/No I never been on MySpace/to busy letting my voice vibrate” – Jay-z

This is probably one of the only trends that black people didn’t follow Jay-z on. No complaints on my end for not following Jay-z there have been more benefits in the past few years with the introduction of Facebook/MySpace but instead of networking and finding old friends these sites have become Internet Gateways for some to enter another “dimension”. A MySpace/facebook page can tell you a lot about an individual but compared to real communication you can be whoever you want on the Internet. A large number of people I talk to on the regular including myself are over MySpace because of the rise and fall of internet “dons and fashionistas”
When MySpace was hot back in like ‘06/’07 I regained contact and networked with a lot of old and new people. From my work with my promotion team DappaDonz and my ALIEN family a lot of people would hit me up for all types of stuff like party info to t-shirt collaborations. I would explore the pages of the random adds I would get from time to time and look at the pictures. What I started to noticed is people I use to see around the way or at random events were basically totally different people in person actually more like an “internet personality”. You know how their walls look…

“I am feeling your style”
“I so want to go shopping with you”

The only problem that these individuals are actually bums. Some common traits on your internet personality:
  1. A female personality tends to have ONE luxury bag in the majority of the pics, she purchases like 3 outfits from a vintage store and poses with her luxury bag.
  2. A lot of them have “fabulous” or “fashionista” in their name
  3. Besides the pics with their 3 favorite outfits they have mad head shots with the same hair do in different style
  4. In addition these pics are usually taken in a bathroom with a Sidekick
  5. Mismatching a popular trend which came along with streetwear is always done wrong by the MySpace male personality; just because you walk into your closet like you are Stevie Wonder doesn’t make it hot.
  6. As a sneaker head I know real “heat” which turns heads when you walk down the street. But my dude buying the latest Uptowns from Footlocker don’t make you a sneaker head.
  7. The wannabe sneaker heads tend to take a pic holding up this “hot” pair from Footlocker
  8. One of the most common traits of the male internet personality is taking a pic holding a stack of money which I feel is idiotic. Doesn’t it just let the stick up kids know who to get at after the club? Put your little change in the bank and get some interest stupid, posing with the settlement check you cashed isn’t hot.
  9. Just because you do pose with money stacks in your bedroom then take another pic with a burner in your hand don’t make you tough. How many people have been arrested for posting videos of crimes they committed on MySpace and YouTube? We know you are not banging homey if you have to pose with weapons on MySpace, the piece is either borrowed or sits under you bed

My friends why do we support these ignorant fools? They thrive off the attention. These people tend to have a ridiculous amount of friends because they add just about anybody. We are all guilty for the random adds so let’s start the spring right with a little cleaning internet style. Too all my people who are really doing their thing and stay fresh keep it up the hype is dying slowly so once the grass is cut the snakes will be exposed.
“I am so dope like the Louboutin’s with the red bottom” - Jay-Z