Monday, March 23, 2009

She's not only a client She's the Player President

It has been a little over a year and the relationship is getting kind of serious. BBQs at your Mom place, weekend getaways with hours of wild sex and pillow talk, sacrificing hanging with the boys to see that new Romantic comedy but this is what you are required to do to be a good boyfriend?...right? Wrong! The needs and wants from a woman in a relationship could not be listed in a Dictionary on font 8 and some women will appreciate your efforts but some will be left with no other option but to look elsewhere. But no worries gentlemen I will provide you with some reasons:
Why women cheat
  1. One of the most common reasons is she loses attraction to you. Almost every single lady friend has told me they believe they are single because they lose interest in a man quickly. If it a ripe relationship its easy for her to walk away but after the time is invested it easier for her to find her interest outside because women always cheat better than men, they rarely get caught.
  2. 20 something year old men don't need Viagra and I know personally our sex drive is very high during these years but I know dudes who set themselves up by neglecting the best part of a relationship, SEX. In 2009 I know females who say their man stays up all night and plays Xbox while she lays in the bed in the heat, wanting to be touched. Kelly said it best "When a Woman is Fed up" She will make herself happy with no remorse for your heart playa. Sorry brah.
  3. Now some women said that their man puts down the controller and "attempts" to have sex with them. If you don't put the effort forward to satisfy her needs, "only 25% of woman always climax during sex with a partner",there are a bunch of men who will love to satisfy her and send her home to you. So listen to her, and make an effort or your goods will be tampered with.
There are plenty more reasons and I will post more over time. Many of you ladies have been waiting for a blog explaining why men cheat because it appears men cheating makes as much sense as the war in Iraq. Ladies are tired of cooking, cleaning, listening, compromising and sacrificing just to find out their man has been creeping but there is an explanation for everything. Look out for Why Men Cheat this week.


  1. Another reason why women cheat: because you aren't paying attention to us! If you're neglecting your woman and not sending those cute texts that make our heart skip a beat, or calling us ATLEAST once a day, or putting in any effort, how can you blame a woman for seeking out someone who WILL give her that little attention she's wanting... it's not that hard to do. I've been in this situation before and the "new guy" always ends up being someone I told all my problems to and he told me the things I needed to hear, while my man wasn't, so I left his ass and moved on!

    So next time you think that random phone call/text/surprise visit isn't necessary, think again... they really are essential to keeping your woman around.

  2. lol come on i said i kept the list short i had that stuff on my list i have been doing my research lol

  3. Dru...I def agree with you. However, I feel the foremost reason women cheat is if their man isnt paying attention to them. Women love to feel needed and appreciated. And what better way to show us that then to COMPLIMENT and show us some attention. Not touching on #2 and 3 in ur blog because those two are dead ends in a relationship. Bad/no sex = NO RELATIONSHIP. But # 1 in ur blog can definitely be curtailed by a man paying attention and staying on top of the relationship. You cant lose interest if the sparks are still there. Just my thoughts...

  4. Sorry Dru, i just had to say it. It's the MOST important thing.

  5. Yabbie I have to disagree with bad/no sex = no relationship I think communication can fix a situation, most cases lol

  6. I just finished reading're hilarious but i must say you definitely touchin the right topics. You give great insight to both sides (men and women). Heres my input for this topic: For number 1, I disagree because although women get away easier, I feel that a relationship is a choice no matter the investment. You only disappoint the other by dishonesty than just telling the truth...just speak up and walk away with a clear conscious. Im not a cheater, never have been never will be because I choose not to SETTLE for less than what i desire.
    #2 + #3 Men should take the time and instead of jerking off to porn, watch it, read up and learn the anatomy of a female. There are so many little spots that get us going but we're just waiting for [y'all] to find it. Nothing wrong with playing video games while we cook and clean but we yearn for attention and appreciation from our men. just knowing that ya man wants it whether you all dressed up or on a bad hair day....And for the women who complain about the men TRYING to please them...Show him where to go. He can't just read ya mind. Be his cheerleader and if he aint getting it---GET ON TOP! lol and rock his world. lmao