Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't be Afraid to Dream

I think because I dream
A single thought is all it takes
to initiate change
Share your thoughts
How do u think the civil rights movement came about
When will there be another Harlem Renaissance?
When we don't think anymore
We dream only of big whips and big chains
How are you helping the youth?
When we only profess love for German cars and clothes with Italian names
Take in this laxative
I'm not washing out colons I'm cleansing for your brain
Stop looking for answers on your Hot nine seven
And open a book
Freedom of speech stills exists
140 character limit is just a mental penitentiary
Always think big
Your mother may not agree
But you will appreciate your paycheck more when you follow your dreams
You father says there is no room for growth in that field
Success isn't only about money
Plenty of wealthy people walking around UN-happy
Carry on your family name with pride
Don't let anyone carry it on for you
Dreams start small
and end with movements
How will you know your role?
If you never let that dream manifest

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