Monday, April 5, 2010

You Don't Really Have Good P*ssy

I never understood why Young Money wanted "to fuck every girl in the world.” Nothing is worse for a man or women to get naked, lick, suck, pump, sit on etc., for a half-ass nut and in some cases no nut at all. As a woman, you have the pussy so indeed you have the power. But power does come in levels, “all Pussy was not created equal,” I mean Hitler and Saddam were two bad mo-fo's but was their power on the same level? Now, ladies, I know you’re thinking, "I got that Hitler vag. I have dudes wrapped around my finger" but I hate to break it to you, your vag is just as powerful as the Queen of England. No, I am not contradicting previous blogs like "Power of the People,” ladies, the power of our land is held between your legs but not everyone can be a boss. Plenty of you have peasant vag but act like your shit don’t stink. Whose fault is that you’re asking? Why are lame, good for nothing bird chicks walking around telling dudes they got the bomb ass pussy? Same pussy that has been ran through more than the boroughs during the New York Marathon. It doesn't add up, right? Well, it's us, MEN who have put "the pussy on a pedestal.”

There is a surplus of vag scurrying the streets of NYC. I doubt a man could not find his preference in a big city like this one. Economics have taught us that "wants" are unlimited and the same theory applies to vagina. Rarely, have I found myself or any male friend not horny and in need of the comfort of some vagina. Men, being we are stupid and greedy pursue all types of vagina. Over the years with my maturity and experience my cock has started to live by term "Quality not Quantity.” Men and women have seen a very shapely female but even though she was blessed during puberty her genes in the looks department are obviously flawed. Women, being evil creatures, will be quick to say, “Oh the “bitch is ugly” but I bet if you asked a group of guys 75% of them would answer, "Yeah she ugly but I’ll still hit it.” Any man reading this may think I'm OD’ing on these numbers but would you sleep with Buffy the Body? I rest my case.

Vagina does not have a face to (some) men; we don’t need any real reasoning to sleep with a woman. As a result of men settling where they stick their dick, this has affected the quality of vag. Now we have But-her-head, rocking Uggs to the club, multiple baby daddies at 23-years-old women walking around being stush. Women always ask what makes good pussy and I could never answer it before because I was still "young nigga-minded." Depending on where in life a man is, good pussy is different. For a boy, good pussy equates getting head, throws it back during back shots and doesn't talk after you nut (preferably she goes home after you nut so you can finish that game of Madden). But as you age and (hopefully) mature, I do know a lot of 25 plus year-old boys, they grow in age but mentality is stagnant at 16, note to you gentlemen good pussy evolves. Good pussy is goal-oriented, has domestic capabilities and you are able to introduce her to momma. Unfortunately, in the past I have not treated my dick with the utmost respect. Instead of sexing just to fulfill a physical need men need to ask themselves this question while unwrapping that condom wrapper (hopefully you not living a Lil' Wayne lifestyle). "Would I take this chick home to my mother?” With that in mind, I guarantee your amount of sex partners has been cut into at least half. I know plenty of guys who don't even want their baby mother raising the kid they had together. I am a firm believer in the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” my cup of tea in a women is completely different from you but that settling for a nut has to stop. We always joke in person and on Twitter about chicks looking slummy on the streets or on If these chicks knew they were a laughing stock do you think they would be walking around like this? Obviously some thirsty, impatient, low self-esteem dudes are sexing these chicks. Once we start to obtain more respect for our dicks women will start to step their game up. They will start wearing clothes again instead of Uggs and tights all year round, if they can't afford good weave they will go without it, instead of those plastic looking weaves and wigs. Stop going by the Buffy the Body standards because now unattractive chicks with fat tits and fat ass will stop walking around like they are the shit. Plenty of you thirsty niggas fall right into their trap anyway; if she is posting half naked pics of herself on Facebook/Twitter what does that say about her? Obviously, she can’t obtain attention through her mind. Tits eventually sag, intelligence doesn't.

Women are quick to say that they are single because there aren't any good men and they refuse to settle but men have clearly been settling now just for a nut and this has flooded our streets with high mileage poorly presentable vag. I usually rant on Twitter and my Facebook statuses about women walking around the streets in Uggs and tights all year round. Yes, we laugh and joke about my statuses and pics but this epidemic has affected the quality of vag walking our streets. Do you think men like cheap weaves, tights, Uggs, etc.? Stop complaining that you only meeting "no shit" niggas; if your goods are presented in shit packaging what do you expect to attract? Cockiness and confidence are words that have been confused. Cockiness in women is at an all time high yet we men cannot see what you are so confident about. Men are very easily stimulated visually but a set of round perky breasts or a NATURAL plump jiggly ass does not equate to good pussy ladies. Just because a bunch of guys poke you on Facebook or direct message you shit on Twitter doesn't mean you have good pussy. Oh, a particular promoter doesn't charge you to come into his parties? That does not mean you have good pussy! Did you ever think that you are half naked in your pics, you only discuss getting drunk on weekends, or countdown to partying in Miami Memorial Day weekend on these social networks? Think his inquiry is because he wants to wine and dine you or introduce you to Mommy? Why do we dress up for job interviews? It shows self-worth, value and makes good impressions to the employer. Ladies, the way you walk on the streets, the pics you post on the Internet, these are all pre-screen interviews. So stop complaining about men ain't shit and your pussy is too good. Actually you might not be shit so get some Febreze for your stinky ass. I know from those last few lines you are thinking what about the other side of the spectrum. Yes, there are some low life dirty niggas walking the streets and they have no shame to holla at you on your way to work. Like, seriously, you’re going to work he smoking a black and mild trying to get your number at 8a.m., you don't have no place to be negro? Can't help those fools though, you just need to make sure you’re on point, surround yourself with positive people and then you will realize that some men are actually shit. So your homegirl been working on her associates for 4 years now and counting? Cut her off. Your other friend working on baby father #3 before 25? Cut her off! The circle you keep, the places you go and the way you present yourself all determine what kind of men you are going to attract, so stop blaming men and keep your shit tight, no pun intended.


  1. Posting gets contradicting here + there. Cuz honestly men are the ones making these women in tights + half naked pics on websites feel like they the ish + they "p" don't stink + they got the bomb ass "p". All terms I laugh at. But as a man... U in a party/ an event... Do u go for the girl that is well dressed. Looking beautiful and elegant. Or do u gravitate towards the skanky bitch in tights + a bad weave. So men tell us they want the well educated woman but I've seen 100 times that they pass that up to go 4 the whack chick with kids + baby father drama + lack there of of education... Its like we attract the opposite or some ish. Like u want the underdog. Lol I don't know. Lol its funny cuz tights was out in 05 in europe + its like the tights wave done hit america in 2009/10 + its giving black women the audacity to "think" they can wear that in public. Its sort of sickening. But I blame no one but a MAN. Cuz yall the same ones that c their pum pum + ass print out on a memorial day strip + say "hey ma. What yo name is" so what u expect. Women like the attention. So bitches have no choice but to put that shit on + thinking they over weight ass is popping. "Less is more" (mies van de rohn- architect). My homeboy once told me at a party ur beautiful + u don't have to wear shit like that. And ever since then... I think about it when I'm going out. Cuz he's rite. If a dude would take the time to get to know me hed know I'm much more than a physical object. So those ugg tights wearing broads just got a lot to learn. Hopefully they learn it b4 25... And men GOTTA DO BETTER... Treat a women like what she's worth. Ps- 0verall cool post.... Keep writing. I'm a fan of ur thougts..... (Sometimes)

  2. You are right the majority of men do look over the well mannered and dressed ladies for the birds in the club. But why
    1) Why are ladies partying at the same venues with birds? That says a lot about the quality of men there also.
    2) Birds outnumber ladies on the streets. And I know plenty of ladies who have bird friends or associates. So unless you try to help the birds they will not grow out their ways and they will become more common than NYC piegons.
    I bet you if all the women who attended Miami memorial day weekend acted like ladies you would see a change in the way men act toward you. Why do men say lame lines like "Hey man What yo name is" because obviously some broads are answering. Yes a lady will either ignore it or turn around and tell him not to address me as "hey ma" but coming right behind you is a whore in pum pum shorts so to him you just a bitch.

  3. awesome post. So funny. love the idea that how women dress and portray themselves on social media is all a preinterview. so true...on both sides.