Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old, In with the 2011

Another year is behind us, welcome 2011.  We look at New Years as a fresh start to fix some bad shit they have been doing for years, like smoking, bad diets or being a hoe.  Good luck with what ever you are giving up for 2011 but I'm being realistic you will probably fail because if you didn't stop the past 5 years you will not stop tomorrow.  I am here today though to list some of the stupidest shit we witnessed, some actually been apart of for 2010 and we simply must leave it there.

Lace Fronts

Yeah we had out share of lace fronts from celebs and local hood rats.  Before you open your mouth your appearance exemplifies what you think about yourself.  Lace fronts are as cheap as $50 to a couple of hundred dollars, but we can agree that the majority of them looks bad, so if you couldn't keep a man in 2010 answer might be on your head not right in front of your nose.

For those who know me my beef with Uggs is no secret.  Personally I think the whole trend should die.  No sense to continue the on going battle though women stand by these shoes faithfully, yet none of you surf.  I will hold a cease fire on the Ugg lovers during the winter months but when Spring and Summer comes around again put them away ladies and gentlemen. (Its a shame I have to ask men this now also).  Trust me no one wants to hang out with anyone whose feet smell like Bin Laden's belly button.

Twitter Beef 
If you have a twitter account or check the popular entertainment blogs you probably heard about the recent "twitter beef" between Raz B and Chris Brown.  I mean this pic that Chris posted is classic and for smart individuals we know its just a marketing tactic for celebs to beef or express issues via their Twitter account.  But the majority of the human race is dumb and I've seen peers of mine argue via Twitter.  I know real thugs and they will handle beef saying less than 140 characters so I don't know what you are trying to prove. I expect the shit from birds but on more than one occasion I've seen men argue over twitter.  Just so know that shit is #forthefaggots and you guys and birds need to leave it in 2010.  

Fueling Ignorance 
The best way to pissed someone off is ignoring them.  No matter how pretty or ugly a person may be they can suffer from low self-esteem and go to extreme extents to achieve attention.  So instead of falling into their trap lets promote, invest time into positive people, places and things.  Besides the infamous Kat Stacks in 2010 a local slore bag decided to use Twitter as her outlet for her prostitution business.  Plenty of men and women flock to her page daily.  I expect that from niggas because they are dumb but ladies you are your own worst enemy.  Why promote other filthy women because 1 bad apple spoils it for the batch and that includes respect for women.  So ignore the ignorance and focus on you! I purposely never use that chicks twitter name because I rather spread love and knowledge, not fuckery.  

Hooked on Phonics  

My head hurts because this year my peers type on Facebook, Twitter, BBM, text like they drunk all the time.  No one is perfect so a spelling error here and there is expected.  Look at the above error it is suppose to be "catered" how did you mistake O for E its five letters apart on a QWERTY keyboard!!  This is a BBM blast from a friend of mine so I guess he already drunk for New Years but some of you are repeat and constant offenders, it makes me think some of you don't even have a GED.  So if you know spelling isn't your thing utilize the spell check on your phone or holla at me I will get you a English version Rosetta Stone.

Purple Messages must stop!!!
I've had a blackberry for about 4 years now and BBM is the greatest invention since affirmative action.  With a Sidekick a man was limited to "G" 10 chicks at a time with AIM now its limitless with BBM.  It is also a fast networking tool to handle business and interact with friends.  Like I said earlier the majority of the human race is dumb so why would you blast messages from the CEO of RIM, is that your man, does he come over for Thanksgiving dinner??  I have no teens on my BBM list so why are you sending chain letters and you are over 18 years of age!!  I've ignored all you coons and I still haven't received 7 years of bad luck, I've had great sex since then and I'm still alive.  So grow up and chill with the chain letters!!

Mayor Doomberg

For all my NYC readers you know to wear an extra pair of socks this New Years Eve.  The plows just reached my block today, only took 5 days, Thanks Doomberg!  I know some folks whose streets still look like this.

What the fuck we paying taxes for?  Oh shoutout to the recent MTA fare hike.  I said it on twitter the other day we need to organize and hit the streets because if you waiting for Obama for change you in for a rude awakening.

Last but not Least  

All these terms need to die...
Kanye Shrug
On deck
Zoo, Zoonami

If you don't like or agree with my leave it in 2010 choices...

Oh yeah Happy New Year!

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