Thursday, January 13, 2011

the little hoe that could

The hoe is one of the biggest mysteries of the sexes. The amount of definitions is infinite and the members of the hoe community are probably in the millions. I think at one point of our life we all engage in some hoe activities but some live life as a hoe, which is unhealthy and degrading to your sex, especially women.  For example we have men offering and/or eating the vag of every female they encounter. Also we have women who walk with toothpaste and panties in their purse with hopes to go home with a complete stranger during a night on the town.  Some would look at the aforementioned activities is just someone who is just trying to "have fun" plenty of others would just say you are a hoe for engaging in these activities.  Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Personally I can't explain or care to figure out the reasoning why a hoe is a hoe it is like trying to figure out if the glass is half empty or half full.  What I would like to touch upon though is  hoe reformation. I've met and encountered reformed hoes over the years and there is a mistaken belief about entering hoetirement.  Hoes have it all backwards thinking they can just wake up one morning and decide to retire from their hoeism.

Have you ever been chilling with a known hoe and when you tried to make your move she hits you with excuses about why you can’t get the draws? You just heard about them sliding off with your man's cousin little brother's uncle/aunt after the club last week.  If leaves a man/women upset, confused because they didn't know about the reformation until they tried to unzip their pants.  If you want to stop being a hoe you need to understand it takes time, it is not an overnight process. In your head you decided you don't want to be an hoe anymore but you your lifestyle needs to take a 360 to complete transformation. Reformed hoes often don't even change how they move, who and where they hang out so that leaves the public confused about their hoe status.
Another great misconception hoes appear to have besides reforming overnight is that a status change does not nullify your hoes status.  A hoe thinks just because you graduated college/ landed a dream job etc. you should be treated differently.  If you were jumping off because someone used their meal points on you last week doesn't mean you deserve filet mignon today.

Over the years I have seen plenty of hoes also relapse back into their old ways. So my advice to all the confused hoes wandering the major cities of America is don't let people judge your choices in life.  If you are happy with being a hoe don’t try to change because of your peer’s judge you. Look at Karrine Steffans, NY Times Best Seller List three times! Extreme example but seriously society is all about balance so don't try to force yourself out of hoeish ways maybe it’s not your time to become a housewife.  Trust me there is someone out their for everyone so as long as you protect yourself, make wise hoe decisions you will find that right person to tame your hoeantics. There is plenty of truth behind the term turning a hoe into a housewife.

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