Monday, January 24, 2011

She's alright but she's not real

In 2011 saying the phrase "Keep it real" is as genuine as designer clothes from Canal Street. But I'm being an advocate to revamp this phrase, specifically for the ladies. 

This is unacceptable and has to stop.

We are so caught up in the matrix that we can barely identify a real woman nowadays.  Black woman in particular, being this is whom I can identify with easiest due to experience, are like Ms. Potato Head's.  Images are burned so deep into our conscious that women feel the need to enhance their body and/or looks with artificial materials  just to be a "bad bitch" now.  We all know of the risks women take to alter their looks.  A perm can literally burn your skin if its left in the hair too long, Kanye West lost his mother to complication in a plastic surgery operation.  Is it worth all that? I feel like all the crap women put on or inject into their bodies to enhance their looks is a slap in your parents face. You are a direct mirror image of your parents DNA and when you alter your looks with man-made materials you are saying "Thanks for nothing Mom and Dad", I am an ugly duckling.  In many major cities like my home New York women outnumber males.  Its obvious that the pursuit for love is a struggle for you ladies.  With our low numbers your choices are limited if you want a good man, not just any man.  It's confusing now though with all these alternations, soon ladies will all look the same like this is I-Robot.  A woman just needs to visit the Asians for some good weave, make a couple of trips to a plastic surgeon and go H.A.M. (thank you Kanye and Hov) in the MAC store to become America's Next Best CoCo (Ice-T wife).  Do ladies think about who is going to get hurt more by altering your body? So yeah now you went from an A to a D cup or maybe you went from a checker board ass to a cup holder ass but what type of man will this attract?  Now you have men left and right giving you their numbers and looking to take you out but what is their motivation???!! You only fooling yourself ladies with these enhancements thinking it will help you find a man that will love you.  A man is not interested in YOU when he asks for number, you are just a substitute for the video vixen he lusts over, a sex symbol, a trophy.  What happen to personality, a sense of humor or just being a hard worker?  Personally I would prefer a successful, educated A cup female over a fake Coca-Cola bottle shape woman who bags groceries at C-town.  No I am not saying just because you alter you body you are not/can not be successful but you are giving the wrong message to men before they even get a chance to see what you are about.  Women would not like it if men started to stuff socks into their crotch and implying they have a huge package.  How would you feel if we fooled you ladies like that?  You take down the pants of a sock impostor and then if appears he has a mini pig in the blanket sitting on two tennis balls.  As far as I know we do not have many solutions to fix our situation if we are not blessed but I don't see men  walking around stressed because his cock hasn't grown since he was 13.  So ladies in 2011 lets get back to basics, being yourself, being natural!  Unless your aspiration is to become the best waitress to ever be employed at Hooters do not alter your body.  Just because you are doing your best to emulate the bodies of celebrities like Beyonce and Melyssa Ford you will never be them or date/marry the caliber of men they deal with just because you have fake hair, ass and breasts like them.  If you build your self-esteem on the inside you will give off a positive energy to attract men who are interested in your brain not just your T&A. 

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