Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random thoughts...

Being a human you tend to be your own worse enemy.  We have wants and desires when we get involved with an individual but these wants all come with fine print. Let’s take the bedroom for instance.  Nothing beats a freak in the bedroom.  Someone who makes your toes curl, kissing you at the right time, licking you the way you like and sucking you until the last drop. (Spitters are for quitters).  But no matter how awesome that person may be if you find out how he/she got around town and smashed the homies/homegirls your feelings towards that individual will diminish and in many cases fade completely.  Isn't it interesting that one would put their happiness aside just because of the image the hood has of that person, not because they don’t treat you like you want to be treated.  Pride and emotions can lead one to a lonely future. 

Love.  The most intriguing emotion, no matter human or untamed beast love can be expressed through words or action.  Men generally are more discreet about seeking love but we are in love with love as much as women.  Love is probably the most dangerous thing on earth.  We could go for days discussing weird crazy acts all done in the name of love.  Love is probably the only emotion with the ability to scar an individual for life. 

How many of you have met someone but they have a shield up because they fear being hurt? And this fear of loving someone else is instilled from a past relationship or situation. That situation or relationship could have ended 20 days or 20 years ago it could still influence their interactions while dating.  I just find it crazy that humans pursue love from others yet we know the mental, physical and emotional risks it could bring.  I guess the pros, the way love embraces the soul outweighs the cons.  

No conclusion or purpose of this blog just some random thoughts I had the other night while I was trying to go to sleep.  Just wanted to share and hear your thoughts and feelings about the aforementioned subject matter. Do we really want a freak in the bed? Practice makes perfect so a more experienced sexual person may rock your world but that talent is not natural there is a lot of trial and error.  Would you turn a “hoe into a housewife” or do you prefer a caring boyfriend/girlfriend who is a lousy lover in the bedroom.  Also wanted to discuss love, is it worth the risk?  A person can get scarred so deeply by love that they may never love another person unconditionally like the one they lost.  What is your experience with a broken heart? Does losing love affect future relationships?  Let’s discuss.

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  1. This is the notion of a double standard. Of course girls would like to have a dude that hasn’t been with the world, but guys are more caught up if a girl has "numbers". What a single male can do, a single female can do as well, BUT her reputation she gets is destroyed. Granted ppl don’t want a girl or guy that has slept with their friends, that’s something different. But if you’re single ppl are entitled to do what they want, and shouldn’t be judged. It’s all how the individual carries their self.