Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Product of my environment

am a product of my environment
Beef patties and cheese sunflower seeds with quarter waters
Single parent homes, mirrors show reflections of my dad yet I have no father
Would give the world to my moms yet I call my girl a bitch
Just ran a couple scams just to have money for some new kicks
Popped a few bottles even though my car note late
20 something yrs old yet my reading on the level of kids in the 4th grade
Who gives a fuck
Product of my environment
My hood is what made me
Only thing outside of that I know is Memorial Day in Miami
Bodegas, liquor stores churches on every corner
Even if I wanted change I couldn't vote for Obama
That 2 year bid took away all my civil rights
Now I'm stuck in my mom basement, on probabtion getting high
Just another product of my environment
Don't judge because this is how I live my life
Chicken wings well done
Extra duck sauce for the fried rice
But our Beef comes rare
1 thrust of my finger and your blood leaking everywhere
Yesterday you was the man
Now your baby moms shopping for tomb stones
These lil niggas now walking the street
With big guns have you clenching your butthole
Another day another memorial
Another product lost in its environment
Last raid got us hurting
Cops busted my supplier damn
Exhausted every crooked angle
So I tried to live life straight
But wifey needs Gucci
And that aint happening on minimum wage
So now I'm stuck
No way out of my environment
How can I live the American dream
When I'm looked upon as Americas nightmare
Pledge alliangance to what?
To a land where I live in fear
Big Brother, the police
Shit I'm afraid of my own peers
Because we all rats on the wheel
Chasing that same cheese
So we cut throats for corners
All while trying to stay incognito from the D's
But this is no secret
My environment is subject of the 5pm news
American emulates use as a burden
Yet some of us didn't even have a chance to choose
Just a product to what I know
Imagine if our school had new books, caring teachers
Something positive to give us hope
Money drugs and violence
My environment
All I know
To you its another statistic
But to me I call it home

For some reason I still have hope for us.

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