Monday, March 28, 2011

The Most Dangerous Black Man

Heart Disease, Cancer, Homicide, HIV the highest culprits of death for black men, some of the things I have to worry about as a black man when I rise every morning.  That's besides work, school, baby mothers, bills, rent, having money to be gas in my car you know regular shit. No stress its the everyday struggle and you make it happen, legally.  But has it ever occured to you black man about the dangers of your skin.  One day you could be a law-abiding citizen the next you are serving a life bid for a crime you didn't commit.  Recently I was in the 7/11 across the street from my job getting my junk food fix and the attendant asked if I have a brother who works with me.  Confused I ask him what he is talking about. 

He says another guy comes in here from my job who looks like me we have the same type of beard.  Outside I laughed and told him that we aren't related but inside I was fucking furious.  Lets take a look at the myself and my "relative".

 There are no distinct features between my co-worker except we both sport a "philly" beard.  Thankfully I know neither of us would decide to pursue a life of crime but if one of us decided to rob 7/11 by our job the attendant would flip a coin and make a choice in the line up.  Disease, NYPD, my peers have been some of my biggest fears but now I am scared of myself!  People of Arab decent like the 7/11 attendant aren't welcomed with opened arms in America its a shame even though oppressed to a certain extent he refuses to rise against the stereotypes and ignorance. Unless I get my face tattoed like Gucci Mane every black man with a beard is my twin to America.  I shouldn't have always been so oblivious to how ignorant the American people are.  Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Anthony Graves, Alan Newtown just a short list of black people wrongfully jailed.  It saddens me because regardless of all the struggles and accomplishments achieved blacks will never be respected in this country it appears.   Out of all the races in the our melting pot country black people come in most variations.  Shades, facial structures, hairstyles etc. yet we are the most confused race.  So I just want to tell my peers of African decent always walk with I.D. and have an alibi daily because you are your own worst enemy.

Blood Brothers? To White America we are


  1. sad but true...the blk man will be extinct in a few years smh. Good Job as always Dru *bbm thumbs up*

  2. thx yall im going 2 get a face tat lol

  3. Yo Dru,

    Just a sad reality of the society we live in "bro" (no pun intended). I guess we do look alike, if I was taller, you were shorter, if i were a shade or two lighter, you darker, maybe if I gained weight, and you shrank? Who am I kidding... In any event, great job!

    "P" (your brother from no other)

  4. WOW!!! Sad is an understatement!