Monday, March 7, 2011

Love and Hip-Hop...Reality show Hit or Miss?

Love and Hip-hop on VH1, where should I start? My beef with reality tv is no secret, check out my piece from March 2010 "The Reality of Reality TV". But you can catch me tweeting about Jersey Shore regularly now being no blacks are being lynched on that show like Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives etc. But just when we thought shit couldn't get any worse the VH1 gods came up with the idea of giving hip-hop "girlfriends" and fuck buddies a reality show.  

 If you didn't watch the preview do yourself a favor and keep it that way unless your kids watch World Star Hip-Hop more than Saturday morning cartoons.  We have Jim Jones, who we all know is a coon who got out the hood with his 6 year fuck buddy, Chrissy.  You can see she cares about him and is a very genuine down ass b*tch at the end of the day she is a bird.  10 minutes into the show she trying to start a fight at some stripper event.  Asking Jim idiotic questions like were looking at the strippers? "Duh, Winning" (Charlie Sheen voice)  Rappers attract the bottom of the food chain groupies, smart groupies fuck for cribs and hood groupies will fuck for a bag.  Shit plenty will fuck just for letting them in VIP so Chrissy must not sleep much at night if she questions Jim's moves and motives when he is out being a rapper/business man/hustler.  Stupidity and loneliness reached a new peak as she explained her "situationship" on the show but then Emily, Fabolous's "off the clock girlfriend" went into depth about her relationship with Fab.  This girl is known to the world as his stylist but in her world she thinks of herself as his girlfriend.  Fab literally had to perform inception by changing the title of baby mother to stylist and making the broad actually believe him.  How dumb can you be?  Fabolous must of forget he is an entertainer and its normal to have a life outside the studio.  He has manipulated himself as well as Emily to a point where they think that he can't have a relationship because he is a rapper and it isn't best for his "image".  Hip-hop culture again is being exploited to America in a negative fashion.  Ladies should be outraged by this show because of the image this show paints of black women to America. These women are weak, lonely birds and now have a television show to cry about how "tough" their life is.  No tough life is the single mother who can barely afford daycare, tough is using your last dollars to get formula for your baby as you go to bed hungry, tough is working two jobs just to pay rent and your student loans.  So all these broads on the show can do this for me.

We all know the last thing America needs is another misinterpretation of hip-hop culture & African-Americans.  You know I am right but rather than us taking a stand from the ignorance I am sure my timeline will be full of jokes about the show during its premier.  The fire of ignorance needs fuel, so are you going to be a problem or a solution?  You can fill your container with either gas or water you choose your role.  

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  1. I must agree that all the reality shows are getting kind of out of hand. I can actually put up with Love and Hip-Hop then I can put up with Basketball wives and Football wives. Having Chrissy and the other girls just be girlfriends rather than wives is a little interesting. Are creators of this show is going to have to change a lot of characters if the rappers choose not to be with these girls? I don't know the case but my co-workers at DISH have got me hooked to seeing this show. We use a lot to see it or I use TV everywhere. After what happen with Maurice I'm not sure what going to go down I miss the last episode but I will be watching it later on tonight. I think it is a good show in all.