Monday, September 13, 2010

The Green Eyed Monster

I don't understand you
Yet I proclaim my love for you
Barely even had you
But I'm always chasing you
The little time we have
Brief sweet pleasures like a one night stand
I doubt I can ever get enough of you
Because with you anything is possible
I love you so much
But I will lend you to friends
I don't care family or not
If you are not returned
That relationship will end
You dress me up nice
Wrist covered in ice
Tinted windows, seat back, bad bitch to my right
She is #2 because you are the most beautiful
I love you money
No denying what I would do for you
Because you make me the man I am
Whether I want the latest edition text book
Or the retro Jordan released last week
Its a shame I'm a slave to you
Good pussy doesn't even make me this weak
No no Fuck you money
You try to fool me with all your shape
The curves of my credit card
Or the smooth loan documents for a luxury V
Because they don't teach me
About the monster and I'm not talking HIV
Interest comes along
Killing my FICO
I'm suppose to attend universities
To pursue careers barely a jump from minimum wage
Now I'm dodging calls from your friends Sallie and Frannie
But I learned you tricks
I'm telling all about your ways
I refuse to be your slave
Fuck you money

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