Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cunnilingus, healthy to a mans diet?

Fronting is a part of dating no matter what your age, sexual orientation, etc is. In pursuit of impressing an individual long or short term we usually have some sort of front; a disguise of ourselves. As men we deal with plenty of fronts; weaves, makeup, ass implants etc. Men have their fair share of fronts also but there is one front some men will take their grave: admitting to eating pussy.

There are many unspoken rules of the black man, things I never discussed with my homeboys but we all agree on without question. Such as keeping firm eye contact in a locker room, wandering eyes are subject to plenty of violence. Rarely a convo can go by with one of your homeboys without pussy being the topic at one point; its like George Bush caring about black people, it’s that rare. But rules were made to be broken and I think it time for us, black fellas, to admit that we eat pussy. This is more of a regional analysis because anytime I’m out of town and hear a southern dude attempt to bag a lady he just says what he would do to her and majority of the time it included some variation of her sitting on his face. I don't know if it just because their swag is harder to find than Kat Stacks walls or they really like doing it but southern dudes proudly announce they give head.

Enough about the South let's get back on track. This is a very sensitive topic, friends, pussy eating is something a black man may only discuss with his immediate circle. A black man would most likely embarrass his homeboy for owing him $20 instead of blasting him about that cross-eyed chick he went down on after the club last week (blame it on the goose). But what are we ashamed of, my brothers? Spanish dudes have no shame in their game; they gladly broadcast their love to go down on a woman. I won't go into the first time I actually performed the act myself, I mean, I didn't know any better at the time. I was just doing stuff I saw on my porn vhs's (damn, I feel old saying that), but over the years as I matured, I now know the benefit of skillfully using my tongue in the bedroom. Any male peer of mine I ever engaged in a conversation on sex never frowned upon getting head. Some prefer vaginal sex to reach orgasm but I guess they never encountered a lady whose jaws work magic. The sexuality of our black counterparts are higher than ever. Black women are quick to talk shit about us men but I never hear about black men complaining about not receiving sloppy, wet, toe curling sex from them. They are doing their part religiously. Kudos, to the ladies because they have no shame in their game, I can not remember the last time I heard a dude say he got hit with the "I don't give head" line. So now at twenty-something going on thirty black men are still going to play dumb when it comes to giving "special attention" to the ladies? Truthfully. some of you brothers need to step your head game up because there are still too many ladies still complaining in 2010 about the lack of motion in their oceans. Next time "My Neck, My Back" comes on in the club, you better make your way to the dance floor and dance with a female with pride because the fronting has to stop.

Lets jump back to the middle of this blog for a little bit, the part about Southern men proudly announcing their love dive head first into the ebony nest. There is no reason that pum pum munching brothers advertise their fetish to the masses. Unfortunately in 2010 the social networks have moved from your networking needs to free dating services. So some have found this as an outlet to write updates like this:

RT @TheKillaStory: I kno I eat pussy idc!

RT @WOWkoww:I only eat pussy on weekdays.

RT @mr_Ritefornow:eat pussy or die

RT @Feed_Me_Pussy:LADIES, WE NEED 2 VOLUNTEERS 4 A PUSSYEATN CONTEST. LMAO! RT @PleasureBoii: @Feed_Me_Pussy I just wanted to say I eat it better loll

What did you fellas do before Facebook, Twitter etc? You did not walk around with “I Eat Vag” tatted on your arm. There is no reason to try to use it as an advantage on the gentlemen with decency. I don’t understand how woman are attracted to you overzealous munchers anyway because plenty of people don’t practice have good hygiene methods. So why would you go around putting a bunch of random pussies in your mouth?

It just a dirty move on your part if you still use the “If I eat it I’ll beat it" swindle as an adult. If you don’t have any personality or “swag” (I hate that word) best if you move down south. But enough on you guys lets get back to the topic at hand.

As a man you may be sitting here thinking your game is tight and you attract women without eating the box but trust me there are plenty of brothers, as aforementioned out there eating the box like its going out of style. There will be a night when your girl tells you she is hitting the club with her peoples when she actually may be riding the face of one of these brothers. Lady friends have told me and proven via text messages/emails about dudes who are willing to perform fellatio on them with no strings attached, sometimes they even fall for the Eat and Beat swindle. So get down or get left playa!

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