Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Letter to my Father

Do not talk to my father much so I decided to write him something for his birthday which recently passed. Tell me what you think.

The Life of a G never knew it
Appears I've been stuck on F


by you
depression instilled deep under my left breast
U wasn't around to hear when I touched my 1st pair of breasts
Even missed my little league graduations and my regents tests
Knowing ur alive makes life a living hell
Scared of mirrors like a vampire because your face is still here
Now I am a man no thanks to you
And when I become successful all the credit goes to you
You showed me exactly what not to do to be a man
You have taught me how to rise against the social statistics of a black man
College degree no kids and like Rakim thinking of the master plan
This is the only way we can communicate because all my calls texts and e-mails some how only work one way
Over the yrs March 4th hasn't meant shit to you just another day but Aug 9th is all about you
So take this poem it's from your son's heart to you dad
Happy 44th Birthday

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