Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fishing for Va Jay Jay (Oprah Voice)

The summer has come to a close end and we are now entering "cuffing" season…for some individuals, that is. Plenty of our peers find it hard to settle with one love interest for an extended period of time and find themselves constantly networking their cock or ebony nest to the members of the opposite sex. The art of f*cking is different for men and women. In this day and age it takes much more than a college degree to get someone’s daughter in your bed, there are plenty of factors which lead to less talking and more sucking for men. When you are in the process of giving a guy your number or being introduced by a mutual friend, the only thoughts at that moment for a man is “What is going to be the easiest and quickest way I will get her naked?”

Guys generally do go to school to better themselves and to acquire big high paying jobs, but the underlying factor is to get more p*ssy during college and even more after college. The thing about school is that it is a big investment, your cock is more attractive when it says Yale compared to York college (no shots for my people at York) so most men have taken other routes as bait for p*ssy.

Bikes - No not Pee Wee Herman but sports bikes, all women are attracted to bikes like Osama to terrorism and men know this. I have seen numerous bike clubs around NYC and not one of them niggas have done anything in the community except white line while I sit in traffic. Those vests are not for fashion they have become pussy magnets.

Cars - It also does not make sense to me why women are attracted to nice whips. Just because a guy has a nice car does not mean you going anywhere except his back seat. Men have been using nice cars for bait for years and you girls still have not learned you are only f*cking the man not his exhaust pipe.

Promoters - The party scene is one of the funniest to me. The things girls will do just to skip the line or be guaranteed free entry. Is your twat only worth $20?? Where is your pride ladies? Why would you give a man your body just for a free ticket? Is a party really going to be worth it if that promoter gets you pregnant or an incurable STD?

Photographers - This is even lower than giving your body to all the promoters. I can't even figure out the mind state of you females who sleep with them for the hell of it. Are you attracted to his finger for snapping photos of you? Monkeys know how to use cameras! I know a few of these website photographers and they are not even into photography. They do it for the extra income and the added benefits ;). Another form of p*ssy bait.

There are two ways to handle your va jay jay ladies. Everyone knows the saying "Good things come to those who wait" but ladies have failed to understand that cock is Mega Millions. Only a few people hit the jackpot! You ladies are spreading yourselves to thin by giving yourself to a man based on material things or his status. I mean we all looked down on Monica Lewinsky but I know plenty women have sucked off a flashy nigga with a GED compared to the President of the United States. If you respect yourself and your body a man will have no choice but to respect you. There are plenty of bad apples making it harder for you respectable hard-working ladies but trust there are plenty of guys not living that fast life. Don't you know a guy would prefer to come home to a warm body in his bed compared to running the streets with a 50/50 chance of obtaining a body for just one night? Plenty of fish in the sea for us fellas but ladies the ball is in your court. Men are always fishing for va jay jay so grab the bait with caution.

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