Sunday, September 27, 2009

Do More Than Rock Pink Ribbons

No man likes a spitter ladies. There is no rebuttal to this argument or solution other than joining the club of ladies who swallow. I have made jokes with my single female friends of reasons why they are single. One of the easiest ways to keep a man and keep him happy is being able to throw down in the kitchen and swallowing after performing electrifying head. I am not here to give you my thoughts on why you should swallow we are not in a relationship I can really give two shits but read this article <--click and next time you are performing fellatio to your husband, boyfriend, sugar daddy, jumpoff etc. just think about your health :)


  1. you.are.insane. HOWEVS, what you won't do, the next girl will. may have a point :)

  2. Lol ladies should already know that but some are naive still

  3. Women SHOULD swallow.
    Men swallow. Don't see why more chicks don't