Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The World is at your Fingertips

Hello again! Thanks for reading once again, and allowing me to entertain you as you enter the brain of the “Shotta Blogger.” Some of you reading are new friends, many of you are old friends. This simple connection from my brain to your job computer (your ass should be working but keep reading lol) or Blackberry/iPhone screen has all been made possible by the internet. No, I am not going to give a history lesson on the internet or the world wide web (which are actually two different things that are often used as synonyms. Do that research next time you are taking a 30 minute shit while on the clock.) But for all my true 80's babies (not the ones who dress like one), just think about how much our lives have changed from elementary school to high school as a result of the expansion of the internet. Do you remember when having a computer was a luxury item? Nowadays, not having one in your house almost feels incomplete. Do you remember when you use to sit in AOL chat rooms all night and your mom would plug the PC out of the phone jack? Those were the good ol' 56k days, but now you can get access to the Web from almost all four corners of the Earth. With these bits of information and nostalgic references, I would like to pose a question: How has the internet benefited you? I know it has its cons when your boss sends e-mails to your Blackberry on a Saturday afternoon, but it was cool when you were able to buy your final paper because you skipped class the whole semester right? How many hours have been wasted at work shopping, playing word games, or e-mailing friends? How much time have you spent at home downloading music illegally, watching videos on YouTube, or even watching porn? Have you ever thought about the amount of time we will spend in our lifetimes surfing the web? Even though our jobs may block certain websites, we still have access from our mobile devices that allows us to stay connected. Even your exact location can be displayed on networks such as Twitter: Everything down to the building number that you are in can be identified via advanced GPS systems. Look at how communication and dating has evolved as result of the internet. Dudes may not even ask for your number anymore, "just follow me on twitter” *insert bbm confused face.* Do you remember when the US government tried to have stricter regulations in regards to what content was viewed by its citizens surfing the internet? There are many countries which still do, most of which aren't necessarily BFF with the US. But why do you think the US did not follow through with the censorship? The answer: Our First Amendment rights. But ummm, since when has our country really cared about our rights? C'MON SON this is the same country that let Bush Jr. take office when we all know we didn't vote for his ass. The government takes serious precautions in their attempts to prevent illegal use of internet. The FBI anti-piracy stickers placed on all CD covers stands as a prime example of the precautionary measures taken in the government and music industry's fight against the illegal practices of downloading music. C'MON SON, are they serious? Even though it isn’t regulated, I want you to go Google “How to Make A Shoe Bomb” and see how many Feds knock on your door. Clearly, this proves that you don’t truly have privacy from Big Brother on your PC. Do you know why the internet was never regulated? They want to keep your dumb ass occupied and waste countless hours like we all have been doing for years instead of being productive. In the time that we waste on the Web with the videos and games, we could be enlightening ourselves with something positive. The Internet is a free encyclopedia, and I'm not talking about Wikipedia because as most people know, it is not a credible source. Despite having all of this free information on the internet, I can bet that very few people can show me how to illegally download a book, but everyone can explain how to illegally download their favorite CD. These are just my thoughts and I am not judging anyone because I watch as much dumb shit on the web as you. But sadly, there are some grown ass men that cannot change a flat tire but can tell you 5 websites that show free porn. So folks, the next time that you have a paper due or you have some free time on a Sunday evening, decide on whether or not you will be productive with your Macbook, or waste more brain cells on YouTube.

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  1. LOVE it bro. I wholeheartedly with all of your points. The Internet has become the new TV - ppl typically watch less television and spend way more time online, especially since we now have mobile access as you mentioned. Either way, we're still in front of a regulated idiot box. One upside for me is the immediate access to information. If I want to know almost anything, I can get it in a matter of seconds (thanks Google). It's all about balance though - as a blogger, I spend a ton of time online, but I also make sure I'm reading at least a book per month. I need to diversify my modes of entertainment; otherwise, my brain cells with deteriorate rapidly.