Friday, February 19, 2010

1:57 am

Nice piece a friend e-mailed to me last night while I was in the club pouring Grey Goose down chick throats Say AHHH j/k but check it out. Thanks!

So I've been praying and praying
Praying so much even when I sleep I'm mumbling
My thoughts overwhelming
My pen tip abused
Calculations of life... Got my mind all bruised
All the should've's could've's and can't's
Got me in the position and now myself I can't stand
I need you around... But you can't help with this challenge
Again I need time just to make some shit balance
The look in her eyes her daughter she can't recognize
I've been changed ma... Its me , you just don't realize
And my heart, it hurts...
And my confidence is at a low
Because I haven't made you completely happy...
And I know
See I'm mumbling again... Its my words at a race.. I'm praying inside , its my thoughts...just no pace.
I want to please him her and you
Even me too
I get on my knees... I'm praying again
Can't you just BBM me what to do
Are you there
The message ain't get through

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  1. I really like this piece! I can't stop reading it over and over. Great job.