Monday, February 15, 2010

What is your purpose? Mental or Genital

Statistics have proven that women outnumber men in the Big Apple. Which means there’s plenty of opportunity here for men to meet, greet and sleep with sexy, single educated ladies. A common complaint from women is that every guy they meet just wants to sleep with them. NO SHIT WOMAN!!! The physical outweighs the mental for men by a long shot. Look at all the images around us. Sex sells but even though men are the minority in most major cities, its easier to find a billboard or TV show with half naked women compared to half naked men. A woman should not complain when a man tries to sleep with you, he is letting his intentions be known, no sugar coating bullshit. The issue is, ladies, how many of you know what you want prior to meeting a man?

The only person who had golden roads leading her life was Dorothy and company in Wizard of OZ. But for us 80's babies our lives are engulfed with trying to hold on to our shitty 9-5 during a recession, some also raising a child on our own (shout out to all my hardworking single Moms. I love you, Mom) all while pursuing our long term goals and juggling a love life. With that being said there are two keys things one must ask themselves prior to "meeting" new people or engaging in the dating game again.

What am I looking for a fulfillment of: physical or mental need?

A relationship must consist of both parts listed here but the thing that plenty of us failed to realize is if a mental relationship is lacking in the physical department, it can be fixed or altered but its impossible the other way around. Entering my late twenties the Shotta Blogger attitude, swag, demeanor is basically set in stone. Mentally, if I can not provide what you want in a relationship, it’s not happening. But if for some weird, strange reason (not tooting my horn) I was lacking in a physical department they have books, toys, etc to help a couplesatisfy each others physical needs.

Women, as well as men, are guilty of trying to change a physical relationship into a real one when mentally that person can not/will not give you what you need. If the majority of your conversation only occurs after he ejaculates, your hope of a real relationship is as slim as the Olsen twins. Ladies, remember a man is probably most vulnerable right after he has an orgasm and may or may not say anything and everything you want to hear. It's crucial not to take everything to heart during the cute pillow talk because its a 50/50 chance and those odds are not good when it comes to your heart. Those sweet earlobe kisses, talk about the future could be genuine feelings but a true player also knows exactly what you want to hear because he wants to enter your chamber of love again. On the other hand he may say all the wrong things right after an orgasm because he doesn’t care or he is just naturally an idiot. Men say the wrong things on purpose because he has the assurance that you are not going anywhere; either his dick is on point, you put your feelings out there or he knows you’re not into multiple physical relationships. In both cases the woman is at fault because you told yourself and/or mate stated that you only wanted physical but now altering your motives. Only prostitutes are able to harbor feelings, not even just for a nut because their motivation is money. You can not jump into something serious because you know where his condom drawer is but don't even know simple shit like his favorite color. Being dick-whipped or pussy-whipped can make you bend over backwards for someone you do not know much about and think that you care about. When you start seeing someone mentally or physically, always get in the habit of checking yourself and not stepping out your boundaries because if you mix the physical with mental you are bound to end up just as an another notch on the belt.

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