Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Don't Have No Title For This Shit

Simple ways to keep your man from cheating on you?  Simple ways to keep your relationship interesting? There is so much ladies can get from the topic I am about to touch I could not even title this blog.  It's sad that I do have to write this though  but it makes sense with so many young queens walking around bitter on they "Fuck Niggas" shit. #WhoHurtYou booboo?  Sometimes we have to look in the mirror at past relationships and figure out what I could have done differently. Stop focusing on how fucked up that person was and try to see your faults.  This way you can grown and work on yourself in your next situation and avoid a cycle of fruitless relationships.
Well folks I want to talk about periods.  I tweeted something a week or two ago about the correlation of periods and rain. They always seem to always come at the wrong time and spoil you from having fun.  Nothing like spending time with a chick or commuting to her house get in the bed, start fooling around and being told "I can't" when you go for her pants.  Women have told me that they look at the period as a hinderance, mainly because they are extremely horny during that time. Well ladies its actually a blessing in more than one way. 

Well the obvious blessing is that you are probably not pregnant.  You can still please you man without sexing in the shower also. I know a few of you are laughing right now you tried that shower period sex at one point of our life. Or threw a towel under her ass because it's her last day. #Dontjudgeme if you didn't with your Sister Mary Lazarus ass (Google her lol).   Back to the topic, sacrifice is a little word which comes along with relationship.  So don't be shy and "Touch It or just kiss it, shit do something" (c) Kanye West.  I am not promoting anal, plenty of guys like myself have no interest in your anus, I look in the toilet after I shit, nothing pleasant exists our bodies. So I would rather not explore whats going on up there.   Safe to say that oral sex is enjoyed and on the syllabus of a couples sex life. So you probably give head the other 3 weeks out of the month when you are not bleeding so why because you are shut down we have to get shut down also?  Ladies have failed to realize how simple men are to please the little shit can go a long way.  A woman will remember the time you randomly brought her flowers, simple gestures that will get you far but for a man we don't want flowers and crap.  Head during that time of the month is the easiest way to say I care.  Truthfully you shouldn't even wait for him to ask or gesture for the head. You know your man, you know when he is turned on.  Same way you like the surprise flowers men like surprise head.

Really, you not going to kiss it for me?

Besides giving period head as an action to  profess your love for your boo, it keeps the home happy and can be a deterrent for a man to go astray.  You know your man, yes you may be horny and upset you are bleeding but again why should he suffer? If you really hate your period so much go check with your doctor and get birth control. If that isn't an option get on your knees. Not trying to sound harsh but your man may suddenly spend time with his "friends" during the week of your cycle.  We all know the saying with relationships "What ever you don't do someone out there will".  So shit maybe the other chick is on her cycle also but just that simple "special attention" as the great, late Bernie Mac would say can make you #2 temporarily.  I'm not saying ever month you have to give head for a week.  Make sure all the other elements are there which makes the man deserving of period head.  He respects you, treats you like his queen and cherishes what the two of you have.  You don't give a child candy after coming home with all F's so don't reward a so/so man/boyfriend/boo/fuck buddy what ever you call him with the luxurious period head.  Just remember ladies the power is in your hands, or mouth that is.  "So get down or lay down", alone.  

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