Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open Letter to Brian McKnight : R.eal N.igga B.lues

Compared to “infamous” hip-hop music R&B is the more authentic and relatable music genre. 95% of the folks who sing, “I think I’m Big Meech and Larry Hoover” don’t live that lifestyle including the performing artist himself. But that imagery is what makes hip-hop great, you can do anything and be anyone on wax. On the other side of the spectrum R&B touches topics of love, sex and breakups, shit we deal with everyday with our significant other. Last night Brian McKnight released a YouTube video and created an uproar on the social networks because he asked ladies “Do You Know How That Pussy Works”

The title of the track is “If You Are Ready To Learn” and Brain released the video last night, deleted it, reposted then deleted it again. By that time the Jedi’s of the Internet already ripped the video for our viewing pleasure. Check it out below if you are not familiar with it.

Brian took the video down because of the backlash he received for writing a song with such “raunchy” lyrics. For the most part the fellas on my timeline were actually feeling the track:

The ladies though felt a completely different way:

Music is based on opinion so I’m not looking for you to agree with me and like the previewed song. It appears the lyrics were a bit much for ladies, which is weird. I can start posting tweets of women discussing squirting and ass eating at 10am so why judge Brian? It’s real shit! Sometimes a man just wants to explore every crevice of your pink walls and his song is expressing those feelings. A woman should be flattered that a man wants to show you how your pussy works in the first place because plenty ladies don’t even know that they can squirt and the man they are currently sexing isn’t even concerned if you bust a nut. So Brian thank you for making a song for all the real pussyologists out there. Secondly I was reading tweets about Brian’s age and why is he writing songs like that. Brian is a grown ass man and probably fucked a lot of women due to his success and talent so you want him to write songs about flowers at work and bubble baths only? The majority of us only “fuck” so don’t try to sugarcoat your sex life because you play Maxwell in the bedroom, that’s love making music you playing with your fuck buddy of the past 3 years.

Last but not least:

No debate with that tweet. Remember when Trey made a skinemax video for “I Invented Sex” my iPhone got water damage from all the wet spots females left on my timeline. Rihanna went from “Umbrella” to “Don’t Stop The Music” to singing about licking icing off her “Birthday Cake” yet you judge Brian? No matter your status in society you fuck, someone is fucking right now in 40 projects and someone is fucking right now on vacation in Dubai. So Brian wrote an explicit yet genuine track for his adult mixtape, which he will probably never release. Imagine if Brian and R. Kelly hit the studio for that adult mixtape! Remember 12 Play was not about holding hands and lovemaking and that dropped in 1993, we didn’t even know what busting a nut was then. End of the day music is a form of art; it provides release and expression for artists so Brian if you want to sing how to make pussies work do the damn thing!

I rather Brian’s music compared to this:

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