Monday, July 27, 2009

The M in EMO means Male

I am going to be the first to admit it ladies and gentlemen. Men are emotional bitches. There I said it! Ladies have known it for generations and men have never had the balls (no pun intended) to admit it. The truth has always been evident that men are the weaker species.

Few examples:

  1. Domestic Violence Cases in America (sign of weakness)
  2. How many husbands we see murdered on the news compared to wives especially in regards to a break-up/divorce/crush of some sort?
  3. What is the percentage of women who take a man back caught cheating compared to males?

These are just three quick examples where us men display our weakness and let our emotions take over our minds and bodies in some cases. Society has hidden it from you ladies but men are really M&M characters. Hard on the shell but really soft on the inside. How many powerful, successful men have met their downfall due to a woman?

One of the hardest things for a man is a good break-up. When ya'll run into each other at your favorite restaurant, randomly encounter each other on the train or when you catch him shopping with his new girl in Soho. Emergency brakes, only a few days, weeks and he is out shopping with a next broad. Ladies don’t feel a kind of way when you see your Ex with another female so quickly. If commitment or attention was a culprit of the separation that "new" other female is a sign of his interest in you. Most ladies first reaction would be jealousy but just take that female as a salute. Women are more likely to take a break after a break-up (good or bad) but what man would really want to lose the benefits of a "wifey" (yes I hate that word like most of you but the shoe fits). It’s clear that men are much dumber compared to women that's why we always caught cheating. So instead of sitting back, reflecting, and rebuilding over a time a man will immediately grab the closest chick to him and try to continue where ya'll left off. So all movements after a good break-up are done in your name so be flattered ladies not upset.

Gentlemen we got to keep it real with ourselves also now. Stop walking around acting like a caveman because we all know how you are a little bag of emotions behind doors with your lady. It really saddens me that guys now move different because of stupid songs like "Gimmie $20" from Ron Brownz. Cuffin was at an all time high before that song came out. You sit there and try to be "cool" because of a song when a cuffin ass brother like me comes along you will end up a lonely dude with 20 bucks in your pocket.