Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There Once Was A Housewife Who Was A Ho

There are certain rules of "Niggadom" (courtesy of Katt Williams) which are written in stone and there have never been amendments to this book, EVER. We have things like pouring out liquor for lost homies, beef patties with cheese for breakfast in Junior High and High School and trade use of your EBT card in return for cash to buy malt liquor. One rule which I feel needs to be amended is the ban of turning a Ho into a Housewife. Plenty of men do it and they are shunned and laughed at on a daily basis but those are the smartest guys around!

I was taught in Economics in college that wants are unlimited and resources are limited. This is true for WOMEN but not for MEN when it comes to relationships. A man must make money and spend a lot of money to get large quantities of vag. Nice car, house, clothes etc. are not purchased because a man needs it...it is the vag bait.

Take a typical relationship in perspective and I will prove to you why a Ho is better Housewife any day!

Boy sees girl and bags girl
Boy takes girl out and woos her with good conversation
Girl sleeps with boy days...weeks...maybe months for those patient enough
Mission Accomplished Right...WRONG
Boy now hangs with boys, plays Playstation burps at dinner table a lot of shit girl does not like
Girl argues with Boy because going out to eat is now McDonalds
Girl argues because Boy only texts now does not call
Girl argues argues and argues...
List can go on forever but basically Boy is just fucking up now all around because he has no “wants” but Girl wants never end

Now in contrast the Ho-Girl whole scenario is simple and sweet

Boy sees Ho and bags Ho
Ho sleeps with Boy and Boy turns into Waldo

That is where we mess up as men. Women are no different from Ho's. They just want love, affection and attention. Because of the rules of "Niggadom" though men are constantly on the prowl of Hitting and Running on as many Ho’s as possible and from time to time having a Girl which requires more money, time and headache before being dumped. From my own personal experience and from stories of my peers many relationships fail due to the lack of effort, majority of the time the man is wrongdoer. No more dates, no more flowers at work, no more 143 text messages are a few culprits which turn a lady off and makes her upset. So its appears gentlemen have an issue with keeping up with standards, so why not save yourself a lot of headaches and broken hearts of good women and cuff yourself a nice Ho. The standards of keeping a Ho happy are clearly lower that is why she is a Ho. A woman wants Red Lobster a Ho is happy with McDonalds. Because of the masses men feel like they can not get serious with a Ho but the only reason they are Ho's is because men use and abuse them. If you treat her like a lady she will cook, clean, laugh, cry, joke and obviously will fuck you just like a woman minus the headaches, broken car windows, and filed restraining orders. Do yourself a favor gentlemen find you a Ho and cherish her because only a Ho can make a Housewife.


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  2. Possibly the BEST SHIT I EVER READ! lol this shit is sooooo true and on the fucking money!

  3. let me tell u... uve got it wrong BUT RIGHT. u are right.... men fuck up because yes as women we do want affection, attention etc etc.... they loose all the great things we fell in love with in the first place. but where i thing ur wrong is.... at the end of the day the HO wants the attention ALSO. the ho aINT no motha effin different than the wife. at the end of the day we are women. the ho just accepts that dudes aint shit and at the time in her life shes content with sleeping with the guy and then not minding his disappearing act. but in my opinion the ho will get sad and eventually crave the things that the housewive goes after initially. so we are WOMEN at the end of the day. the ho and the housewife. as jay says the difference between a bitch and a sister is just the way u move and the way u may run the pum pum. So u are right.... there once was a housewife and she probably was once a hoe. :-)

  4. see that is where u got it wrong...a Ho craves more is because the man treats her like a Ho but if she gets good treatment of a lady her attnetion cant stray elsewhere...like I said realtionships fail because the man begins to slow pace compared to when they 1st met so if u keep up with the simple shit a Ho needs she wont ever leave your side

  5. OMG! this has to be the craziest one by far lol. Sooooo you CAN turn a ho into a housewife, that's TRUE. However, you never know anyone's entire past history unless you were with them ever second of their lives. With that being said, your pride and joy, innocent, angel girlfriend could have at one time been your definition of a HO. So you meet a ho, and transform her into your dream lady, eventually she's gonna start giving you the same "problems" that any "normal non-ho" would give you, her standards will be raised just as high. Just like someone that came from poverty into wealth, at first they might be fine just driving around an Altima because before they were walking, but as time goes on and they are comfortable in their wealth they are gonna want that Porsche.
    My point is that guys need to stop with the laziness! DO NOT present your representative to a girl in the first 3 months, and then unveil the real you later. That's the reason you have these problems. Just be yourself from jump, so if the girl does decide to be a "complainer" it will be all on her because she knew what she was getting herself into. And this is also to the guys benefit, because they can see which girl really wants them for them, and which one is fallin for the idea of them.
    Another point, chivalry is not for the first year. Guys as well as girls should act like the relationship is new throughout it's entirety (sp?), that's how they last. ;-)

  6. sorry ladies and gentlemen. a hoe will never be a housewife because of her CORE VALUES. for a visual, lets look at an apple (stay with me). when peeled, and caressed by the air, the apple changes, but the seeds remain the same. when a hoe's clothes are peeled off, she may change her attitude to fit whomever she is with, but those hoe seeds are still hidden deep inside of her. for this reason, she may APPEAR to change, but the best she will ever be is an excellent actress.

    in addition, a man does NOT need a lot of $ to get a lot of vag. ever wonder why the brokest guy always seems to have a cellphone, his bills paid and his dick sucked regularly? well, its because of his personality. this man tells women what they WANT to hear, and for this reason, there will ALWAYS be someone ready and waiting to fullfill his needs.

    lastly, not every hoe is a cheap hoe. this is proven after surveying the playoff parties, album releases and video shoots. not all hoes are satisfied with mcdonalds, BUT- they will stay around as long as he is telling her what she wants to her- and by "he" i do mean mr. benijiman...

  7. I like the angle you came at Rocky a lot of good points