Friday, June 26, 2009

Music, Life and Happiness?

I would confidently bet my two thumbs that your IPod or an IPod of a friend you borrowed always had these three artists Biggie, Jay-z and Michael Jackson. Weird combo but it just seems to work. I know you thinking another "Wacko Jacko" piece paying homage now that he has left the earth but this is not your cliché blog piece friends. You should know me better than that by now!

The life, the man, the legend of Michael Joseph Jackson its in all the headlines, all the gossip blogs but has anyone really covered his life properly. I have yet to see it! I myself have been engulfed with the media coverage of the sudden death of the King of Pop but even after this loss the man cannot receive the proper respect and honor for his work. The man was living piece of history he has broken barriers and records, which I believe are untouchable. In all the mini docs I recently seen the past two days they say Mike sang as a kid sold a lot of records then the rape charges. No need to go into detail but a lot of time and effort is placed on the yet to be proven rape charges. I am not going to sit here and say I am the biggest fan ever but I respect what this man has done to black history, to pop culture and as a humanitarian. But we need to stop putting him on this pedestal and treat Michael as a human; the man was always in pain. Look at the life he lived from 1969 until his death. Even though he is clearly a naturally good damn entertainer and musician, it appears, as Michael did not live for the fame and glory he achieved. His obsession with childhood is evident through some of his music and his residence of Neverland Ranch. I think mentally Michael never passed the age 13 because of his father and the media.

Was Michael weird? It would be hard to deny that but I seriously cannot blame the man. With the scars this man held onto I think it is safe to say that Michael had passed on years before June 25, 2009. Michael cried out for true love through his music and being he never received it we see the kind of toll it took on his mind and body. Since 1969 Michael has been in the worldwide spotlight. We have seen him go from "black to white", multiple plastic surgeries, "off the wall" (no pun intended) marriages and childbirths also with sporadic weight losses but it never compromised his art. Many of my peers along with myself believed the man was really “invincible”. Seriously how many artists could sell out shows at 50 years old? I doubt Beyonce will still be “Crazy in Love” and booty bouncing at MSG 30 years from now. Physically yes he has been with us but its clear like many other legends appreciation for his work and heart was not given until their demise.

Michael has showed me a lot with his life, he has proven to me that money will not buy you happiness but he has also displayed true strength and determination. His father played a large role in his upbringing but he brought more negatives to the table compared to positives. Even though I could probably bench press him Michael without a doubt was stronger man than me, he had one of the biggest hearts in human history. Through all the trials and tribulations Michael still donated time, money and energy to helping those less unfortunate. Even in death the media slander him, why are the pictures of him the ambulance being displayed?? It is still fresh in all our minds of the death of this legend but after the burial and everything we going back to our regular baby momma, I hate my boss, my 8:15 bus is always crowded drama filled life but do not let the legend stop there. Michael will still be with you during the morning commute to work and in your heart because that is the kind of impact this man held on the world. Before Pac, Big, Eminem, Andre 3000 we all had Michael in our lives, I dare anyone to say different. .

Use his life as an example of a good soul because it still lives in each of us. I guarantee the media will continue to focus on his darker days within the next few weeks but just remember the man was not at fault and it is those same people who tainted his name. Usually when someone points the finger at somebody they are the ones who are wrong and regardless of all the ridicule he received Michael never stopped loving his fans or his art.

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