Monday, May 16, 2011

Pearl Necklaces, Orgies and You

Relationships require a lot of compromise and sacrifice.  It could be you allowing a plethora of testosterone to take over the living room to watch the playoffs or you taking her to see the latest Tyler Perry movie, watching it and discussing it with her after (that's love).  A major area of compromise occurs in the bedroom but should an individual have limits?  Infidelity is probably one of the biggest fears and culprits of break ups of our generation so is it worth going all out in hopes to deter your lover from stepping out?
 As a youth watching porn I thought sex was fairly simple, insert, in and out a couple of times and splash, all pun intended.  But with the blessing of the internet and free porn we have been introduced to all types of porn genres and fetishes.  Those porn fetishes are not filmed out of boredom, people like your boyfriend or girlfriend is actually into that kind of stuff.  You thought you was freaky because you tried 69 before have you tried anal, squirting, fisting, bondage, bukkake and orgies? Some may view those acts as weird and nasty while to others its a turn on.   What is one to do when your lover brings this to the table though?  The relationship has been going well, the chemistry seems to be there in the bedroom but suddenly you are hit with an outrageous request from your lover to eat your ass.  I don't know if that was a fair example because from discussions I've had with female friends there are plenty of brothers exploring small intestines with their tongues.
More power to you bros

But anyway back to the topic at hand, it's a big risk to deny your lover what they want in the bedroom.  We are all aware though that anything you won't do will gladly be fulfilled by another person.  

Should double standards of the sexes be a factor in terms of bedroom requests?  I can easily bet all my white blood cells that my male counterparts would not turn down a threesome with two women if their girlfriend/wife allowed them.  But what if your girl requested a three some with you and Trey Songz, no man would be cool with that shit.  If a woman's fantasy was to be dominated by two men at the same time in the bedroom she would probably be looked down upon anyway because two men with one woman "isn't" a threesome that is a train.  So is it right to request all your fantasies with your lover or should you try to suppress these desires and only have sex through the hole in your boxers in missionary position?   According to some the world will be coming to an end soon so you better start crossing off goals of that bucket list because time is limited folks.   

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