Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where is love?

Love is what we want
And if often mistaken as a need
Countless years spent
Aimlessly searching high low and In between
Have you ever looked in the mirror
To realize the presence of love can not be found
We find ourselves seeking love
But why?
Love was never lost
Love is pure and natural
But mistakenly is often turned into greed
Lusting for love same way we lust for green
We go to all extents to gain ones love
Most cases you will end up broke alone  Sometimes leads to creation of a child which requires love of its own
Love doesn't happen in mistakes like that child you created
But the prisons love to lock up niggas who seek love in all the wrong places
The epicenter of love
Is the love that you have for you
Open your eyes stop believing love is laying in the bed next to you
Because physical love can be more fake
Than china town Gucci shoes
Don't be depressed because that cute guy won't call you back
Stop texting shorty because she said your swag was everything except intact
You was born alone possibly die alone too
Save your energy looking for love
And put that energy into you

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