Friday, July 1, 2011

Hoe Logic 101

The definition of a hoe is like trying to explain whether the glass is half empty or half full.  Regardless of your thoughts on the term there are a few things we can agree on when it comes to hoes.  Hoes have their own ideology that they follow; I like to call it hoe logic.  For the most part this logic is flawed but I guess hoes have aspirations with "successful" hoes like Karrine Steffans and Kat Stacks.  Not the most respectable women but they give hoes dreams.
No I am not bashing the hoes of the world, to each its own but plenty of hoes don't seem to understand privileges they relinquish by moving like a hoe.  I say move like a hoe because generally people would consider a women a hoe based on her body count but it’s bigger than that.  I know women with larger than normal body counts but they are not considered hoes. Women have failed to realize it is all about how you carry yourself, a body count is just a piece of the puzzle.  I understand we are all humans so you have needs, desires but don't ever say, "I think and move like a dude".  Reasoning for sex will never be the same for men and women; sorry that's just the double-edged sword booboo. So now onto the hoe logic.

Being a hoe isn't a secret
You can have a body count but you cannot be mixxy.  If you are over all the social networks, in every event and building your body count with dudes from similar circles (promoters, photographers, drug dealers etc.) you will build a household name like Oprah but not in such a positive light.  If your body count is rising from dudes who took you home after an event, dudes who you met recently on a social network without any type of building process trust you are the topic of local barbershops conversations.  Everyone has those bodies on their belt they did just because.  But if you are taking down dudes without building with them, phone not text conversations, real dates not kiddy shit like the movies basically giving it up without any work you are a case of flawed hoe logic.

Pussy Faxes never expire
You vag is as marketable as the last body you took down.  If your history shows a particular type of dude the next man that approaches you and does his research will follow suit.  In order to prosper in the pussy race a man must know his competition.  So he knows dudes who can easily catch bodies on their own merit and dudes who cheat with things like eating box and tricking.  If you have multiple "alpha males" on your list, dudes who catch bodies with little to no work you will continue to not get treated like a lady.  Think about how many dudes actually invited you out prior to inviting you to their crib.  Even though they cannot speak your pussy lips did all the talking before you even gave that dude your number.

Know the 6 degrees of vag-eration
This always puzzled me how women try to take down teams of dudes.  Actually they jump off with one dude from a circle then start talking to one of his friends.  They try to make the second person to actually date them though!  Ladies if you didn't know men talk, maybe more than women.  How do you think your pussy fax is updated?  One man's trash is not another's man wifey, so please ladies once you deal with a dude know that his circle is off limits.  Why would you even try to deal with a dude who takes seconds from his own mans?  If vag can alter his loyalty to his boys you think he will forever be a good man to you? Think again.

Be Yourself
It's crazy how social networks has been the source to finding out the true colors of people you have known for years.   I know all the dos and don'ts of nice, god-fearing women I grew up with. Why? Because of Facebook and Twitter. There is not reason you use the Internet as a personal diary discussing personal business, especially your bedroom antics.  The saying "lady in the sheets, freak in the sheets goes a long way". Wonder why every dude you encounter wants you to come over to "chill".  Don't write a status that your vag can't cash.

Lady in the streets...
You must carry yourself like your box is priceless.  You don't need Gucci and Dior for a man to respect you or to be considered a lady. Fuck all that material bullshit, a good weave will not benefit you 10 years from now and keep a man happy.  Talk like a lady; show your excellent parenting skills.  Think a dude respects a club rat with a toddler?  Those club-hopping days ended boo once you let him enter your chamber of love without protection.  If your fridge is empty, your kid is not going to school with fresh Nike's this September but you are posing off your new Gucci bag on a party website then you have failed at life.  Men also do not respect the bitter women who talk shit about their baby father on the Internet.  Talking shit on the internet will not bring him into your child's life, focus on making the life of your child better and get a fucking diary.  Spreading negativity to the masses is never the solution.  If you cannot captivate a man mentally then more than likely you will get treated like a hoe.  Get some culture; educate your self on current events not just shit from Necole Bitchie.  Have you ever seen a Willow Smith interview? No reason she can hold an conversation better than some grown women.  You have nothing to bring to the table if you lack in these qualities.  You will then get treated accordingly if you talk like a loud, ignorant hoodrat in the streets, you will be treated like a hoe.

Basically what @Suckerfreewes and I are trying to say is be a lady.  Sadly men generally try to tell a book by its cover, so if you walk around in skimpy shit, write slack shit on the internet and can always be found in the mix, men will categorize you as a hoe.  We are not against women in skimpy clothing :) but do not forget you are a lady first. Your style, walk, talk all plays a factor in how men treat you.  Again being a hoe is not all about body count, you can be a hoe with a "reasonable" body count.  We are just asking for some of you hoes to grow up, time to stop being a girl and become a woman.  I know ladies are not interested in raising a big ass boy but if you display hoeish qualities then you will never attract a REAL MAN.

S/O to the homey @Suckerfreewes for his input on this piece be sure to hit us up with your thoughts and opinions on this blog on Twitter.

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